September 11 & 12
6:30am MDT

Closing weekend of the Medora Musial is also Medora's Annual Hot Air Balloon Rally and Kite Flying! Come out and see the balloons soar high above the Badlands and try your hand at flying a kite!

Don't miss this beautiful photo-taking opportunity as Hot Air Balloons fly over the North Dakota Badlands.

The 18th Annual Medora Hot Air Balloon Rally will take place Saturday, September 11 through Sunday, September 12, 2021!

The rendezvous point for riders is the grassy lot south of the Medora campground, next to the city pool and tennis courts. The balloons will either take off from that location or near Theodore Roosevelt's old ranch, south of the City of Medora, depending on the weather.

Riders and photographers will be informed immediately as the launch point is determined.

The direction the balloons will fly is solely based on the direction of the wind. Whichever way it blows, the balloons will follow!

Flights take place in the mornings, pending weather. Riding in the balloons is by invitation only.

Balloon Schedule:

Saturday Morning
Pilot Briefing 5:15 am
Passengers arrive 5:45 am
(in air 6:30am -- land 8:00am)

Sunday Morning - Due to wind the balloons can not fly today
Pilot Briefing 5:15 am
Passengers arrive 5:45 am
(in air 6:30am -- land 8:00am)


5th Annual

Badlands Kite Fest!

Grab a lawn chair and bring the whole family for the afternoon to see all the fun kites, soaring above Medora.

You can talk to the kite pilots, get some tips, buy kites they have for sale, snap lots of pics, or even bring your own kite and fly it as part of the festival!*

The Kite Flyers will be located at the top of the Burning Hills Amphitheatre -- just look for the beautiful kites!

Tentative Kite Schedule:
Kites flying from approximately 2:00p.m. to 4:00p.m. MDT weather permitting.
Saturday and Sunday
Kites flying from approximately 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. MDT weather permitting.

*folks bringing their own kites will just have to steer clear of the kites already in the air.