Ticketing/Reservations Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions we get from our guests about the Medora Musical or other entertainment held at the Burning Hills Amphitheatre. This list is not all inclusive so please give one of our customer service folks a call if you have other questions we can help with. 

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Are there tickets available day-of? Do I have to book early? 

How do I book with a Voucher?

How do I book with a Season Pass?

What happens if it rains / if the show is canceled?

Are Wheelchair Accessible Seats Available?

Is Mobility-assisted entrance to the Burning Hills Amphitheatre available?

What happens if I purchased a ticket from a reseller? 

Where is the Pitchfork Steak Fondue? 

How do I get in the cast of the Medora Musical?




Ticketing Details for the Medora Musical - Are tickets available day-of? 

For 2021, all ticketing deals, options, and pricing are available to book online. We are experiencing a high volume of calls, so we encourage you to buy your tickets (and make hotel reservations) exclusively online.

Showtimes vary, see the schedule here!

Every Seat in the House is Great! Buy early to get the best seats!

- You may then use a digital ticket, a print at home ticket, or you may pick up your tickets at will call when you arrive in Medora

- There are always great seats available day-of tickets -- Get 'em at the Ticket Junction or the Medora Musical Welcome Center






Booking With Vouchers

Great to hear you have vouchers! These are quick and easy to book online, here are the steps:

1. Select the activity and date you would like to book for
2. Select the seats/times you would like to book 
3. Set the ticket type to  "EVENT NAME" VOUCHER and add to your cart
4. Do that for the number of tickets you need
5. Then, select the big great ADD TICKETS button
6. This will take you to your cart
7. In the VOUCHER CODE column you will enter the REDEMPTION ID outlined on the voucher
8. Submit the code
9. Complete steps 7 & 8 for each voucher
10. Select your ticket printing method
12. Enter your information and complete the purchase!

For a visual tutorial, watch the video below.


Booking With Season Passes

Thanks for being a season pass holder! Here are the steps to book online:

1. Select the date you would like to attend the Medora Musical
2. Select the section you would like to sit in choose your seat
3. Set the ticket type to SEASON PASS HOLDER and add to your cart
4. Do that for the number of season passes you have to book with
5. Then, select the big great ADD TICKETS button
6. This will take you to your cart
7. In the MEMBERSHIP/SEASON PASS # column you will enter the digits found on the back of your season pass
8. Submit the code
9. Complete steps 7 & 8 for each season pass
10. Select your ticket printing method
12. Enter your information and complete the purchase!

For a visual tutorial, watch the video below.


What if it rains at the Medora Musical?

  • Every attempt is made to present each performance. Rain early in the day or even early in the evening will not result in an automatic cancellation.
  • Generally, we do not cancel a performance prior to the scheduled start of the show. In some cases, the start of the performance may be delayed up to 60 minutes due to inclement weather.
  • Shows lasting more than 60 minutes are considered complete performances. Shows lasting less than 60 minutes are considered "rained out." Ticket holders at "rained out" performances have one of two options:
    • For each paid ticket, folks receive two ticket vouchers for any other performance during the current Medora Musical season or the following season (subject to availability). Vouchers must be redeemed for assigned seat ticket.
    • Or, a full refund of the amount paid for each ticket. Credit card orders will be refunded directly to the credit card. Cash/check orders will be refunded in the form of a check mailed within three weeks.

How can I find out if the show is canceled?

  • We will make every attempt to present the show.
  • Announcements regarding Medora Musical cancellations will be made at the Burning Hills Amphitheatre.

How often is the Medora Musical rained out?

  • On average, the show is rained out only 3 to 5 times per season.


Are Wheelchair Accessible Seats Available

  • Yes. 
  • Accessible seating options are available at the Burning Hills Amphitheatre, Old Town Hall Theater, Medora Gospel Brunch. Seats are subject to availability.
  • Handicap-accessible Lodging rooms are also available at the Rough Riders Hotel, Badlands Motel, and Elkhorn Quarters.

Mobility-Assisted Entrance to the Medora Musical/Burning Hills Amphitheatre 

  • What if you or someone you're traveling with has a mobility impairment, or just needs a little help getting down into the theater. We're happy to help. 
  • Pick up your tickets per usual at your lodging property, the Ticket Junction, or the Medora Musical Welcome Center. 
  • DO NOT get in line for the outdoor escalator. 
  • Instead, walk to the West side of the upper-level mezzaninewhere the ramp, walk-in entrance is located. 
  • There, approach a Medora Musical Team Member (look for the black Medora Musical polo shirt uniform) and let them know that you would like some assistance entering the Theatre. 
  • The team member will acquire a golf car and driver to take you down the walk-in ramp, to the top of the upper-level seating section. 
  • From here, if you're comfortable, you may decent a stairway, OR you may board an elevator that will take you from above the upper-level seating section, directly to the Mid-Level Mezzanine.
  • Concessions, Rest Room Facilities and handicap seating are ALL located on the Mid-Level Mezzanine.
  • To leave the Theatre, you simply board the elevator, meet a Medora Musical Team Member right where they dropped you off before the show, and board a golf car headed for the top.


Is there a sign Language Interpreter?

  • We are happy to offer a sign language interpreter for our hearing impaired guests, upon your request.
  • Arrangements must be made in advance, as we book a professional signer from Bismarck for your show.
  • To request a signer, please call 1-800-MEDORA-1 to book your tickets and request a signer.
  • Depending on availability, your tickets will likely be in the Lower Level, Section 1, Rows E or F. Other seating areas work but these are the best. 
  • The theatre also has hearing assistance devices that you are welcome to use free of charge. You can pick one up in the Mid-Level Mezzanine Gift Shop at the Medora Musical. We request that a Drivers License or Credit Card is left with the cashier as collateral for the device. 


Do Pre-schoolers need their own seat? 

  • We want you to have an amazing experience at the Medora Musical so, even if you have a pre-schooler or infant with you (they get in for FREE, yay!) we'll assign them a seat of their own.
    • Use the seat for your kiddo, or their extra, whichever works best for you. :)
  • You can also do this when booking online, by simply clicking the seat you need for the child, and selecting "PRESCHOOL" as the price type.


Ticket Reseller Disclaimer

There are many ticket resellers and secondary markets for tickets. For the best seats and to eliminate the risk of fraud, get tickets ONLY through:

Purchasing tickets from any other seller runs a high risk of receiving fraudulent tickets.  We love having you as a customer AND we DON’T WANT YOU TO PAY MORE by purchasing through one of those dang, unapproved ticket resellers.

(In some occasions, our marketing or radio partners may offer official Medora Musical Vouchers for sale at a heck of a deal -- the best way to double-check these opportunities is to confirm the offer is for a voucher to redeem for a show date of your choice and that the sale price does not exceed our highest price tickets sold directly from a TRMF ticket office.) 

What if I overpaid through a fraudulent ticket seller?

Did you purchase an exaggerated price ticket for the 2021 Medora Musical? We don't think that's very cool and we think Harold and Sheila Schafer would do more than saying "Woops, sorry about that." So, here's what we can do:

  • First, come to the show!
  • Bring your receipt for your purchase, printed or on your mobile device
  • Connect with one of our Theater Staff pre-show, at intermission, or post-show
  • Provide some info from your transaction that will help us block some of these unfair ticket sellers
  • We'll give you a FREE voucher to come back to the Medora Musical, 1-for-1 for each ticket you purchased at a higher price than what we sell them

Unfortunately, we aren't able to offer refunds on tickets purchased via a third-party reseller -- the credit card refund would just go to them after all. 



Where is the Pitchfork Steak Fondue? 

  • The Pitchfork Steak Fondue takes place every night prior to the Medora Musical, or Special Concert Events at the Burning Hills Amphitheatre. 
  • The Fondue is held at the Tjaden Terrace overlooking the Little Missouri Riverbottom 
  • The Tjaden Terrace is mere feet from the entrance of the Burning Hills Amphitheatre
  • One parking lot serves both facilities and you will not need to re-park after dinner

Here is an ingredients list for the Pitchfork Steak Fondue. 


How can I get into the cast of the Medora Musical?

Auditions are held in January each year.

The Medora Musical is an outdoor, western musical variety show held in the 2,852 seat, state-of-the-art Burning Hills Amphitheatre. Twelve singer/dancers (The Burning Hills Singers), six musicians (The Coal Diggers), a host and several variety and comedy acts are hired each season.

Curt Wollan, the show's producer, says the show's development is a continuous process. "As the curtain closes on one season, work begins on preparing for the next. Our management team assembles at the end of each season to look ahead to the next," Wollan said. The production company, Stage West Entertainment, is based in Minneapolis, MN, and is a subsidiary of Troupe America, Inc.

Wollan also attends casting conventions across the country and typically will audition more than 2,500 performers to fill the 20 cast member roles. "We look for performers who are triple threats, meaning they're able to sing, dance, act. We're always on the look-out for that fresh talent who lights up the stage," says Wollan.

Persons auditioning should bring an 8X10 photo along with a typed performance resume that includes contact information. Performers must prepare two country songs, one up-tempo, and one ballad that show their vocal range. All music must be memorized, sheet music in the correct key, and easy to follow for the provided accompanist. Those wishing to audition may bring a karaoke CD to sing with if they desire. A boom box will be provided.

For the dance portion of the audition, performers should wear or bring clothes and shoes that are comfortable for dancing. The Medora Musical is a professional musical production, so persons auditioning are expected to dress professionally. Western attire is acceptable since this follows the theme of the musical. "Country musicians who read music or charts may also audition," notes Wollan. "The auditions are a fun and exciting process. It's great to see so many talented performers each year." 
Theatre technicians are encouraged to send resumes to Stage West Entertainment.

Those seeking more information about the auditions are asked not to call the audition venues. For more information about the Medora Musical auditions contact:

StageWest Entertainment, a subsidiary of Troupe America, Inc.
Curt Wollan, Executive Producer & Director 
528 Hennepin Avenue, Suite 206
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
(612) 333-3302

All auditions except UPTA are first come, first served.


Lodging FAQs

1. Are there fridges or microwaves in the rooms?  The tower side of the Rough Riders Hotel and all rooms at the Badlands Motel have fridges.  The only places that have microwaves are the suite at the Badlands and Rough Riders. Fridges and microwaves are available in the family units at the Elkhorn Quarters.

2. Do any of the rooms have bathtubs? No

3. Are all rooms handicap accessible?  The Elkhorn Quarters and Rough Riders has designated rooms listed in availability, and at the Badlands the single Queen rooms.

4. Do we have Wi-Fi in all rooms?  Is there a password? -  Elkhorn Quarters, Badlands and Rough Riders can easily access Wi-Fi from their rooms with no password. 

5. Are there hairdryers in all rooms?  The Rough Riders and the Badlands have hairdryers in all of the rooms, Bunkhouse guests can get one at the front desk of the BLM. 

6. Do we allow pets?  No. Service animals can stay at all 3 locations but no pets.

7. How does a guest get a wakeup call? -  They can dial 0 on their room phone and request a wakeup call or set it up from their room.

8. How to put in a wakeup call request – Write down the room number and time the guest would like their wakeup call. Then enter it into the spreadsheet and the Night Auditor will set them up.

9.  Do we have smoking rooms? None of our rooms allow smoking.  If someone has smoked in the room, they will get a $200 fee on their bill. North Dakota state law does not allow smoking in any public facility.

10. Do we allow late checkouts?  We do not allow late checkouts during the summer. 

11. Where do guests park? Rough Riders guests can use the side parking lot, the one next the cowboy cafe that we own, or on the street as long as it is not by the post office. Badlands guests park right in front of their door, and the Elkhorn quests park right outside of their unit.

12.  Are there quiet hours for the hotels? Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am

13. Can guest get a cot or a pack and play/ Do those cost money? Cots are $10 per night. Pack and plays are free. Guest can reserve them at the time they make reservation, or ask for one at check-in. No Cots in Historic Section of the Rough Riders Hotel, and no cots at the Elkhorn Quarters.

14.  When a guest checks in and wants a cot or a pack and play, who brings it to them? And where can they find those? The front desk will bring it to the room when they have a spare moment.

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