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-2015 Marked the 50th Anniversary of the Medora Musical and our show has been a family tradition for decades. It's a show that folks from near and far agree could only be done here in Medora. 

Check out some of the history of the producer of one of the longest running outdoor shows anywhere in the world at our Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation about section, view the story NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt did in 2018 below, or check out the New York Times' impression of the show here. Then you'll have to come see what the Medora Musical is all about for yourself -- because it changes every year and reading about it only gives you part of the picture. 


-Theodore Roosevelt National Park was recently named one of the top 5 "Things you have to see in 2016" by the New York Times! 
Check out more here:


- The Maah Daah Hey 100 Mountain Bike Race by the folks at Experience LAND and Save the Maah Daah Hey brings hundreds of racers and thousands of people to the heart of the Badlands each August to see if they have what it takes to conquer one of the most grueling, longest continuous single-track trails in the world. To see if they can make it through the Raddest Race, in the Baddest Place. 


-Each year, Theodore Roosevelt reprisers from around the region come to Medora for the Badlands Chataqua: A Gathering of TRs to hone their craft, entertain guests, and gather together as lovers of history. Lead by the foremost TR repriser in the world, Joe Wiegand, this group consists or TRs, Roosevelt family member reprisers, and friends of TR -- all mixed in with music and celebration over a weekend in July. Above is a short doc about the weekend by Samuel Sprynczynatyk.


- For a few decades, folks involved with the Medora Musical and the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation have said, "Wouldn't it be great to do a Christmas Show? How could we take the Medora experience on the road?" Well, in 2015, our own Wild West Prestidigitator, Will Bill Sorensen did just that when he launched the Magical Medora Christmas Tour, featuring past and present stars of Medora as a way to say "thank you" to friends and visitors. After several years, the tour has grown to include stops in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana starting right after Thanksgiving. Here's a snippet of the Emily Walter in the show:

- The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation launched a brand-new initiative to help keep Medora affordable for kids and families to enjoy. Alongside our all-volunteer board, the Medora Wish Endowment was created to help fund activities for families. Read more about the Medora Wish Endowment here.


-The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation sent Theodore Roosevelt and Quentin Roosevelt reprisers to France to mark the 100th anniversary of Quentin's death flying over the battlefields of WWI. See how the trip went and what's next here:


-New, recycled lodging property coming to Medora to house summer, student employees and keep family-friendly, affordable hotel lodging available for guests. It's called the Elkhorn Quarters and construction is slated to finish in the spring of 2019. Learn about the project here.



- Former finalist on NBC's The Voice, Kat Perkins, helps aspiring performers prepare for a career in the music industry with her Badlands Rising Star Camp each summer. 



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