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10 Facts You Didn't Know About Medora Vallombrosa

10 Facts You Didn't Know About Medora Vallombrosa

June 1, 2022  |  Written by Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

Medora Vallombrosa was the was of the French Aristocrat, Marquis de Mores. They were married in Cannes, France and lived in New York and Paris. 

Her and the Marquis summered and hunted in these very Badlands and eventually lived here for a time.
You know our town is named after Medora, but did you know…

Did You Know

10. Her death was brought on by an infection. Nobody is quite sure how she was infected.

9. She had three children: Athanais, Louis, and Paul

8. Medora’s name is derived from a popular poem of her time titled, “The Corsair.”

7. She loved to hunt, and once shot 4 bears on a single hunting trip to Wyoming.

6. Medora and the Marquis did not sleep in the same bed. This was a tradition they borrowed from French aristocracy.

5. Some thought she was almost as good a shot as the Marquis, a great compliment considering the Marquis military background. 

4. Before marrying the Marquis, Medora was known as Medora von Hoffman.

3. She had carpets for the Chateau de Mores delivered from a shop on New York’s famed Fifth Avenue.

2. The Von Hoffman House was owned by Medora’s mother.

1. During World War I, she turned her home into a hospital for wounded soldiers. 

Von Hoffman House
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