2023 New Years Eve in Medora | Medora, North Dakota
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New Years Eve

Celebrate in Grand Style

A New Year’s Eve soirée that pays homage to the timeless traditions of Old-World Europe. It’s a night of culinary delights, cocktails, and memories to kickstart the new year. 


Hosted by our hospitality team who come from all corners of Europe, enjoy a social and dinner with glint wine, chazlyk, osso buco, and more. Topped off with digestif cocktails and dancing until the ball drops.

Event INFO


$129 + taxes & fees per person

Couples Package

$350 + taxes & fees

Rough Riders Hotel

$70 + taxes & fees

Event Itinerary

3:00 pm |  Check-in at the Rough Riders Hotel.


4:00 pm |  Social Hour – Enjoy glint wine, chazlyk, and hors d’oeuvres.


6:00 pm |  Doors open at the Rough Riders Hotel conference center. An opportunity to mingle with friends old and new! Start the night with a round of appetizers and the full cash bar.


7:00 pm | Dinner and dessert are served along live music.


9:00 pm | Specialty digestif cocktail is being served with a toast.


9:30 pm | Hit the dance floor.


11:00 pm | Ring in the new year with the North Dakota State Capitol ball drop and a champagne toast!


Monday 7:00 am – 10:00 am | Breakfast Buffet 


Social Hour |  Glint wine station and chazlyk.


Appetizer  | Beat Vinaigrette Salad, Eggplant Rolls, Tomato Caprese, Canape, Stuffed Mushrooms and Antipasto platters.


Entree  | Osso Bucco


Full Cash Bar available.


House Wine Included in the Package price.

Guide to a European Celebration

Glint Wine

Sometimes called glow wine or mulled wine, this cozy winter treat is popular through the cold climates of Europe. Dry red wine is heated gently with a mix of fruit, spices and sometimes an additional shot of hard liquor.


Coming from eastern Europe, this marinated red meat kebob has become popular throughout the upper mid-west – even being designated as South Dakota’s state gnosh!

Digestif Cocktail

Traditionally believed to aid digestion, these after dinner cocktails feature many old-world staples such as port, fortified wines, and bitter or sweet liquors.

Meet Lyubomyr Shkandriy

Medora’s Hospitality Director

Holding the title of the oldest operating hotel in the state of North Dakota means a lot. We’ve been in the hospitality game longer than anyone around here. When someone asks “You’ve been at it so long, it’s gotta’ be great, right?” I always respond, “It is, come see for yourself!”


Our Theodores dining room has a lot to offer, and today, I’m loving the Bison Osso Bucco from our dinner menu. Or the Denver Omelet from our breakfast menu.