Medora Spring Concert Series

March 10-11 | Sweet Seasons: The Music Of Carole King

March 24-25 | The Holy Rocka Rollaz

April 13-14 | The Highwaymen Live!

April 28-29 | Poppa Bear Norton: Country Music With Redneck Humor


Medora, ND

Tickets Start at $34.95
Show, Dine and Stay Getaway
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Sweet Seasons: the Music of Carole King

March 10-11

Sweet Seasons: A Celebration of the Music and Life of Carole King brings audiences back to the generation shaped by the songs of legendary, two-time Hall of Fame inductee, Carole King. Twenty-six year old lead singer and piano prodigy Michelle Foster brings a vibrant and nuanced sound to the material you know and love.

The Holy Rocka Rollaz

March 24-25

Take a trip back to the ’50s with The Holy Rocka Rollaz! This high-energy trio from Minneapolis has been bringing their exciting show to family-friendly events for several years. Using vintage instruments, this band knows how to deliver the spirit and sound of pioneer rock ‘n’ rollers. Lead singer/guitarist Mark Flora plays a hollow body Gretsch through tube amps, bassist /singer Lisa Lynn slaps a mean upright bass, and drummer/singer Matt Alexander pounds an old Gretsch drum kit. The Holy Rocka Rollaz brings audience back to the classic sound of early American rock ‘n’ roll. 

The Highwaymen Live!

April 13-14

The Highwaymen are a country music tribute group that has traveled the world performing country music to millions of fans. Their show is full of upbeat, honky-tonk hits like Ring of Fire, Dukes of Hazard, and On the Road Again. 

Poppa Bear Norton: Country Music with Redneck Humor

April 28-29

Poppa Bear Norton is America’s only – and therefore number one – daredevil country act! Their music harkens back to the days of Buck Owens and Johnny Cash, and the outlaw era of Waylon, Willie, and Haggard. A time when a song was written like a well-crafted story and performed with passion, sincerity and humor. When Poppa Bear and “B” hit the stage and fire up their one-part honky-tonk, one-part Hee-Haw styled country show, it’s fast, exciting, fun, and entertaining.