Family hiking right from town!

NEW to Medora's downtown activities is Pancratz Trail! Part of Point to Point Park, this hiking trail is the perfect adventure to get out and explore the Badlands.

A place for families to enjoy the great outdoors and “the strenuous life” together made possible by Linda and Lizza Pancratz.

Trail Details

1.5 miles
728 feet elevation gain

TR's game, Point to Point, is all about going through, under, over -- but never around and Pancratz trail is no different!

This 1.5 mile trail will take you right from the mini-golf course all the way to the top of the butte overlooking town. During that trek you will navigate an easy to moderate trail, take a climb up the butte, and be met by Schafer Point -- the same location Harold Schafer stood when dreaming up a magic Medora. Climbing not your jam, no worries, take the easy way back to town! 


Trail Etiquette/Rules

- The trail is open dust 'til dawn
- Stay on designated trails
- Obey trail signs
- Help keep our trails clean -- pack it in, pack it out

- May 15 - September 30: Dogs not allowed
- October 1 - May 14: Leash or keep dogs under voice and sign command, pick up dog waste
(Dogs always allowed on Maah Daah Hey Trail)

- Active trail rides at butte top. Yield to horses, do not approach mounted or unmounted horses, allow mounted riders to pass
- No glass
- No biking on phase 1 of trail
- Stay off trails when muddy or wet

- Have fun! Point to Point hikes were Theodore Roosevelt's favorite game


Guided Hikes

Join Joe Wiegand, Medora's very own Theodore Roosevelt reprisor on one of two guided hikes happening select days of the week!

June 2 - September 11, 2021 
8:00am MDT - leaves from the Pancratz Trail trailhead

Check out the two different types of guided hikes here.


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