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Closed for the Season – Opening Again June 2024

Teddy's Bears

Build your own furry friend

From Dinosaurs & Unicorns to Bears & Foxes, everyone can find and build a new friend!

There is a large variety of animals to bring to life! Add scent packets and sound effects in addition to the wide variety of clothing options and accessories for the stuffed animals.


May 27 – September 10

Open Daily

9:00am – 6:00pm


This 12” seated Official Sheriff Bear Plush can only be found here in Medora! His attire included the black cowboy hat, a red bandana scarf and a sheriffs vest.


The newest addition to our Official Teddy Bear Collection! Made in honor of our town’s namesake, Medora Von Hoffman.


This 12” seated Official Teddy Bear can only be found here in Medora! He is wearing his finest suit in honor of Theodore Roosevelt’s time as President of the United States of America.


This 12” seated Official Teddy Bear can only be found here in Medora! He can be seen sporting his volunteer cavalry uniform that is a replica of what Theodore Roosevelt wore in the battle of San Juan Hill. Bully!


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