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Point to Point Trails

Hike in the Badlands

For the best view of Medora, nothing beats the Point to Point Trails. Built directly into the stunning bluffs that overlook the town, the trail offers outdoor lovers a chance to go “over, under, through — but never around,” in the words of Theodore Roosevelt.

“When you play, play hard.”


West Loop ~3.24 Miles

Gultch Loop ~1.53 Miles

East Loop ~ coming 2025

Be careful of falling rocks on overhangs and steep edges.

Ground is often uneven and loose.

There are many steep edges and inclines. Watch where you are stepping at all times. 

Do not hike in inclement and stormy weather. 

Poisonous snakes can be found on the trail in the form of the Prairie Rattlesnake. 

Be aware of ticks and other small insects when hiking through areas with foliage.