We connect people to Medora for positive,
life-changing experiences.


For over 50 years, we've believed Medora is a special place. It's our mission to preserve this historic place for our children, and children's children to be inspired -- inspired by the experience of the Badlands the way Harold Schafer was, and Theodore Roosevelt before him. 

Everything we strive to do in Medora is aimed at combining History, Education, & Entertainment in a way that connects people to Medora for positive, life-changing experiences they'll keep with them forever. 

We can't do it alone and are lucky to have the support of people just like you.

Folks from around the state, region, and country have found great impact, fulfillment, and purpose by becoming supporters of our mission here in Medora. And the ways to provide support vary widely.

Over 600 people choose to support TRMF by participating in our Volunteer Program. Hundreds of individuals and businesses have chosen to become Annual Members for as little as $250. Thousands rallied behind the Burning Hills Amphitheatre construction project in 1991 and '92, and are continuing to do so today to replace the Theatre's 25-year-old seats.

And we are continually humbled and inspired by major gifts for projects like the Rough Riders Hotel, the Life Skills Center, Elkhorn Quarters, and sustaining endowments for the performing arts and upcoming Medora Wish Endowment Fund

Each and every supporter -- in effort and dollars -- makes an impact.

And in giving to Medora, you have a feeling of pride knowing your contribution helps preserve this experience for future generations. 

Let's make some life-changing experiences together. Read on to get involved...

OUR HISTORY -- About the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation 

We are a public, non-profit organization that was formed in 1986 by a multi-million dollar gift from Harold Schafer and his family. Harold was most famously known as the founder of the Gold Seal Company, Mr. Bubble, Glass Wax and other nationally-known household products -- but his LOVE was for Medora.

Today, we at TRMF strive to preserve, present, and serve all that Harold loved about Medora by operating history, education, entertainment businesses for people to enjoy in the beautiful North Dakota Badlands. 

But WHY are we doing ANY of this? Because we believe it is so important to connect people to historic Medora for positive, life-changing experiences. Learn more about the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.


VOLUNTEER -- Help TRMF with the gift of your time

Each year over 600 volunteers spend a week at a time in Medora helping to preserve and make Medora better for guests. Our dedicated and gracious volunteers have been absolutely crucial in sustaining the growth of TRMF and Medora as a destination. And they keep Harold Schafer's dream of a place for families to connect with one another alive and well.

TRMF Volunteers apply online each year between November 15 and January 1. Learn More about our Volunteer Program and Apply Here


BECOME AN ANNUAL MEMBER -- Great Option for Businesses or Individuals 

Thousands across the region have seen the great value in becoming an Annual Member of the TR Medora Foundation. Individual memberships are as little as $20.83 per month, while flexible Business Memberships start at $1,000. Both types of memberships come with some great perks, while providing truly amazing amounts of support that are the foundation for keeping the experience of Medora what we all love. See what Memberships Help Us Do and Become an Annual Member Here.


PROJECTS FOR NOW, AND FOR THE FUTURE -- $50 Million in the last decade and still improving

There's so much happening to improve and preserve the Medora Experience, we have to show you it all! From improvements for mobility impaired show-goers at the Medora Musical and Sponsorship of "The Greatest Show in the West", to Maintenance Endowments at Bully Pulpit Golf Course and support for the world's best Theodore Roosevelt Repriser, Joe Wiegand.

Our supporters have helped us to invest nearly $50 Million into Medora in the last 10 years -- and things are just getting started. See the list and see how you can help.


THE MEDORA WISH -- An endowment to allow more families to enjoy Medora

A brand-new initiative driven by our all-volunteer-board, the Medora Wish Endowment was created based off of a simple yet powerful desire of our founder, who wanted to allow as many people as possible to be inspired by the Badlands the way he and Theodore Roosevelt were. See the Medora WISH priorities and contribute to the cause.


Read on for two of our most immediate opportunities to get involved...

First Year of Medora Musical
Volunteers Each Year
Countries Represent In Our Seasonal Student Workforce
Annual Members of TRNP


Some of our most important projects are underway and your support will have an immediate impact.

SPONSOR A SEAT -- Help Keep the Burning Hills Theatre World-Class for the Next Half Century

To keep the Burning Hills Amphitheatre a world-class facility, the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation is adding to the tradition of the Medora Musical by replacing every seat in the lower level of the Amphitheatre as we speak! Over 50 years after the start of the show, and over 25 years since the historic reconstruction of the venue, we're making some upgrades. Learn how you can sponsor a seat -- or seats -- right here.


THE ELKHORN QUARTERS -- A $20 Million Problem Finds a $7 Million Solution

Recycle and Reuse + Save Millions | Complete the Life Skills Center campus | Keep Affordable Lodging for Families

When a time-sensitive opportunity arose to solve what was a $20 Million plus project to replace the nearly-delapatated Bunkhouse lodging and housing property by smartly re-using and recycling a project with $6 Million, we had to seize the opportunity -- and our supporter, Greg Butler, committed a $1 Million gift challange because of his belief in the project. We started demolishing the Bunkhouse in August of 2017, and will open The Elkhorn Quartes for the 2018 season. See the Site Plan, Case Statement, and Support Opportunities remaining here.

Questions? Have your own ideas about how to improve the Medora experience? Or want to get to know the Team? 

We'd love to hear from you. If you have questions about any of the unique ways you can make a difference in Medora, give us a call just to chat or set up a meeting.

We are never pushy and, hey, a lot of times we get to chat while having a great time in Medora!

Contact Joslyn Reichert, Major Gifts Officer at:

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