Saddle up for real western fun!

Our friendly trail guides will take you on a Badlands adventure along buttes and canyons that are sure to create unforgettable memories.

Rides depart from the Boarding Stables on the eastern edge of Medora, riders must be seven years of age (7) or older and at least 45 inches tall. All riders 12 and under must wear a stables provided helmet.

Ride Times - Open 2021

7:30am - 2 hour ride
8:00am - 1 hour ride
9:00am - 1 hour ride
10:00am - 1 hour ride
10:30am - 2 hour ride
11:00am - 1 hour ride
12:00pm - 1 hour ride
1:00pm - 1 hour ride
2:00pm - 1 hour ride
Scheduled ride times may be more limited early or late in the season. Click the link below for specific ride availability.


Starting at $42.95 + taxes and fees


Physical Requirements

For the safety of the horses, a 250 LB weight limit is enforced by the Riding Stables' wranglers.

Riders must be able to mount and dismount with minimal assistance.

Riders must be 7 years of age or older.

Riders 12 years of age or younger must wear a stables-provided helmet.

Ride time takes into account mounting and unmounting AND unforeseeable conditions such as weather and nose flies, which cause the horses to move quicker.

Please arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled ride.

Proudly supported by the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.