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Historic Moments
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Closed for the Season – Opening Again June 2024

Tea with the Roosevelts

A Sip of History

At Tea with the Roosevelts, share a glass of lemonade with Edith
Roosevelt on the picturesque Von Hoffman House lawn as she

shares tales of her marriage with Teddy, and the joys – or sometimes

challenges – of raising six children in the White House.



June 15 – July 30

Saturday & Sunday

1:00 pm

Meet Larry and Julia

Larry Marple began his living history career when one of his second-grade students told him he looked like Theodore Roosevelt. Since then Larry and his wife Julia have been traveling the country portraying President Roosevelt and his wife Edith Roosevelt. 


The Marples have always shared a love for history – the couple met at a Civil War reenactment. And they have enjoyed fostering their passion for history over many hours of research on the Roosevelts. Edith’s inclusion in the Marple’s storytelling is unique and important as Edith was one of Teddy’s best political advisors.


Throughout the winter the Marples tour as Theodore and Edith. More information can be found at During the summer catch, Larry and Julia explore the ND Badlands with their foster beagles or performing throughout Medora as the Roosevelts. 


Experience Medora like a Rough Rider

Footsteps Into Medora’s Past

Daily 2:00pm

Take a step back in time as you explore North Dakota’s most historic town in this 50 minute guided historic walking tour.

Rough Riders Hotel

Open Year Round

Luxury meets western charm and presidential history at the Historic Rough Riders Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Medora!

Theodore’s Dining Room

Open Year Round

Enjoy a modern culinary experience with all the character of the old west at Theodore’s Dining Room located inside the Rough Riders Hotel!