Tales of Medora - Where Did the Marquis & Marquise Go After Medora?

June 17, 2022  |  Written by Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

The Marquis De Morès returned to France, where he became heavily embroiled in the intrigues of French politics. He ran for the Paris City Council, became a rabid anti-Semite, became involved in a plot to overthrow the French government, tried to organize a railroad in Indo-China, and concocted a grandiose scheme to unite all of Islam against England and the Jews.

Did You Know?

In 1896, he went to Libya with a plan to stir up the Arabs against the English advances into Africa. On the morning of June 9, 1896, he was ambushed, shot, and killed in the Sahara Desert by a group of Touareg tribesman. The Marquise insisted the Touaregs were hired by his political enemies, but it is possible that they simply killed him for the gold he was carrying. Had he lived five more days, he would have been thirty-eight years old. 

Marquise and Marquis

The Marquise returned to France with the Marquis. During WWI, she turned her home into a hospital for wounded soldiers. During the last years of her life, she suffered from a microbial illness she had contracted while hunting tigers in India years earlier. She died of dysentery in Cannes on March 1, 1921, when she was sixty-four years old. Medora was buried in Cannes next to her husband and two of her children.

This story was excerpted from Rolf Sletten’s book, “Medora – Boom, Bust, and Resurrection.”

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