Sully Creek Subdivision

Badlands Vacation Homes at Bully Pulpit Golf Course

There are few places in the world like the Badlands. And there's nothing quite like the Medora Musical, the Maah Daah Hey Trail, and Bully Pulpit Golf Course.

Your new home at Sully Creek Subdivision, will literally be in the middle of it all, with the same views that inspired Theodore Roosevelt. 

Read on to start "the romance of your life."

Lots at Sully Creek Subdivision

There are 11 different lots sited at this unique Badlands escape, ranging from 1.9 to 7.1 acres, all with their own unique experiences.

Some butt right up against one of those famous Badlands buttes, surrounded by trees, while others ascend far up the side of a plateau with expansive views, while others are so close to the infamous Maah Daah Hey Trail that the original markings run right through the front yard.

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Every lot at Sully Creek Subdivision has:

-Easy access to Bully Pulpit Golf Course
-Walk-on access to the Maah Daah Hey Trail
-Walk-in or drive-in access to Sully Creek State Park
-Easy access to the Little Missouri State Scenic River
-An easy 1-mile drive, walk, hike or ride to Medora

-Amazing, scenic views of the Badlands unmatched anywhere

-Electrical service to the curb
-Rural water service to the curb
-Rustic-development road access infrastructure completed

  Price Acreage
Lot #1  Sold 3.55
Lot #2 Sold  2.23
Lot #3 Sold 1.91
Lot #4 Sold  4.59
Lot #5 $125,000 5.63
Lot #6 $225,000 7.15
Lot #7 $250,000 6.34
Lot #8  $225,000 3.02
Lot #9 $275,000 5.95
Lot #10 $175,000 5.35
Lot #11 $110,000 2.61

Sully Creek is a residential development for you to enjoy as much or as little during the year as you like. It is protected by Development Covenants to ensure the residential and vacation experience is perserved for residents for generations to come. 

Download a copy of the Sales Packet & Covenants here. Copies of the development topography and final development plat are available upon request. 


Check out the story of our first residents at Sully Creek and...

See their Sully Creek home project underway.


See the Sully Creek Subdivision for Yourself. 

Would you like a private walk through of the development and available scenic lots? We'd be happy to show you around. Just call: 

Clarence Sitter 

Randy Hatzenbuhler

In the meantime, enjoy this little preview of what your backyard could be like...


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