TRMF response to COVID-19

Updated 4/1/2020

When you're ready,
we will be too

A letter to guests from TRMF President, Randy Hatzenbuhler

Theodore Roosevelt's and Harold Schafer’s lives were generations apart, yet they are connected forever.  Harold’s restoration of Historic Medora awakened the world to the impact that Medora and the Badlands had on the 26th president.

In all my conversations with Harold Schafer, I only saw him truly discouraged one time. It was on September 11, 2001. He was sad for the country and the world.

Harold did not get to see the recovery as he died on December 2, 2001. Like TR, he had enormous belief in America. I am certain he knew the nation would rebound.

COVID-19 is different than any of us have experienced. Except in the most important way: WE WILL RECOVER. 

When we are free to travel and recreate again, we invite you to return to a place that will lift your spirits and inspire us all to be the best version of ourselves.   

Medora and the Badlands is where TR healed after losing his mother and wife on the same day. It is where he made himself strong.  The employees of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation believe that our work is important. Never more so than this summer.  

We are doing everything we can to be ready to serve you this summer.

When you are ready, we will be here for you.  

We are immensely grateful for you. You have visited, worked, volunteered, and performed in our little town and have generously supported our efforts. Please take good care of yourself. We need you. Hoping to see you on the boardwalks this summer.

- Randy


Help us, help folks

With an abundance of caution and care, we are doing everything we can to be ready to welcome guests to Medora this summer. We are all going to need a place to relax and restore ourselves and each other.

We are still hiring for the key positions that will allow us to be ready and open this summer.

Will you share with your family, friends, colleagues, and connections that we are hiring for this year? Now, more than ever, we need a team to help us connect people to Medora for positive, life-changing experiences. 



Upcoming Spring Events

The Easter Brunch on April 12 has been canceled for 2021.

The Looney Lutherans Concert scheduled for April 18 in Medora has been postponed until a later date.
Concert package buyers will be automatically, fully refunded
-- you will not have to call to receive your refund. Buyers have been sent an email with full details. Those credits typically show up within approximately 14 days. If you bought a concert package or ticket for this show, and do not see the credit by that time, please contact our reservation center via the email

Other upcoming events will have final decisions regarding their operations made at least 14 days prior to the event, with updates being communicated here at 


Other notes regarding TRMF's response to COVID-19:

This is a quickly changing situation that our leadership and team are evaluating on a daily basis. We’ve already begun implementing policies aimed at protecting our staff, guests, and community -- see below for a summary.

- We are following recommendations from Governor, Doug Burgum, the North Dakota Department of Health, CDC, and others regarding cleanliness, social distancing, gathering size, etc.

- All staff who are able, are working from home. All work travel between Medora and elsewhere has been suspended.

- Access to the TRMF Life Skills Center and Maintenance Facility is restricted to authorized personnel only. The Rough Riders Hotel is closed until April 17.

- ALL employees coming FROM OUTSIDE OF NORTH DAKOTA will enter a 14-day state-mandated quarantine upon their arrival. Those employees will be paid their normal wage during this quarantine and will have meal delivery available to them. This includes any employee who was in Medora previously and elects to leave the state as of 3/31.

- We are evaluating procedures to make sure our venues, hotels, and public spaces are as clean and safe as possible. For example, but not all-inclusive, we're reviewing using more disinfectants, sanitizer, etc.

- Additional training and information is being offered to employees; an internal health team has been designated to disseminate information to our team as it becomes available and is vetted; in TRMF guest areas, we'll be posting cleanliness tips based on CDC recommendations and documents.

- For the immediate future, we will exercise a very flexible cancelation policy.

- The TRMF is working to coordinate with the Billings County Emergency Operations Team and Southwest District Health to ensure the entire community is appropriately prepared to provide safety for citizens, workers, and guests.

We will continue to make updates to this page and to our policies as information and guidance become available. 


TR said, “Keep your eyes on the stars, and feet on the ground.”

We find this to be a good guiding line to be responsible to you, our guests, to our employees and all stakeholders, but to also find inspiration that our nation will get through this and we will emerge on the other side with great potential and opportunity -- and we're keeping our eye on that.

TRMF Response to COVID-19

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