Updated 8/24/2021

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."  -Theodore Roosevelt


All of us at the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation are wonderfully-excited and incredibly grateful to all of our guests, supporters, volunteers, cast, staff and board.

Medora is OPEN and we are grateful and ready to welcome you. 


Here are the common "Nice to Knows":

This has and will continue to be an evolving situation that we plan to adjust to as conditions change. Items below may change without notice.

- Facial coverings are encouraged, but not required for guests*

- At the outdoor Burning Hills Amphitheatre, home of the Medora Musical, our seating map has been adjusted as follows:
--- Tickets sold from 3/1/21 to 5/25/21 were sold with a limited seating capacity in effect, with 1 seat of "extra space" between each pair of two sold seats
--- As of 5/26/21, those remaining, "extra space" seats have been released for sale, only in locations where tickets had not already been sold next to them.
Guests who purchased tickets prior to 5/26/21, who had "extra space" seats next to them, will still have those seats held for that purpose when they arrive on their show date
--- The theater map will now offer every available seat for sale, outside of the previously sold areas, for all show dates

- We have implemented procedures to ensure our venues, hotels, and public spaces are as clean as possible. 

- Reservations and ticket sales will have a very flexible cancelation policy and/or redemption option. 

- All TRMF Staff have been encouraged to consider vaccination; vaccination opportunities are available in Medora and/or transportation to nearby clinics is offered.

- The TRMF is working to coordinate with the Billings County Emergency Operations Team and Southwest District Health to ensure the entire community is appropriately prepared to provide safety for citizens, workers, and guests.

*Mask and spacing policies may vary among partner businesses in Medora but rest assured, we all aim to help you have a wonderful time while you escape to Medora.


THANK YOU to all of our guests, supporters, volunteers, partners, and more. Thank you to YOU, our Facebook community for your support. THANK YOU North Dakota, for making us part of your fall and winter.


Theodore Roosevelt National Park 

Theodore Roosevelt National Park and other national parks offer incredible opportunities for wide-open space and recreation. TRNP has reopened in an initial phase for guests. Roads, trails and backcountry trails are open. Some visitor services are reduced, but the Badlands and Bison remain. You can read more and stay up to date with our community partners at TRNP here.

Chateau de Mores State Historic Site

The Chateau de Mores State Historic site is open year-round and has a few policies to help you enjoy the unique history of a french nobleman on the edge of the frontier and the woman the town is named for. Learn more and "Know before you go" here.



TR said, “Keep your eyes on the stars, and feet on the ground.”

We find this to be a good guiding line to be responsible to you, our guests, to our employees and all stakeholders, but to also find inspiration that our nation will get through this and we will emerge on the other side with great potential and opportunity -- and we're keeping our eye on that.

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