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Medora loves reunions! Bring your family or bring your class. We have something for everyone and all ages, from trail rides in the beautiful North Dakota Badlands to 18 holes of golf nestled into the landscape at Bully Pulpit, to a history lesson at one of Medora’s many museums. End your night with the "Greatest Show in the West". We are able to block a section of seats to ensure everyone can be seated together and enjoy the musical. Group Sales can help you arrange reservations for rooms, cabins or campsites. We take care of tickets and lodging all with one phone call!  We would love to take care of the work while you create treasured memories. 

Few gathering are as meaningful and memorable as Family Reunions!  As families grow and the individual members follow their own paths, family reunions serve as mileposts.  They're a chance to reconnect, share experiences and renew bonds.  Here are some family reunion tips to make the most of your gatherings.

Rally the Troops!

Before you get started planning a family reunion, you must first determine if there is an interest. You’d hate to spend time and energy putting a family reunion together only to have nobody attend. Call a few of your closest relatives and get their input. If they express interest, ask them to help you plan the event.

Get Help!

Involving people in the planning process makes it easier for you and gives others a stake in the event’s success. Make a list of the areas you will need help with. This might include party invitations, site arrangements, transportation, food, games, activities and cleanup. Organize committees and match the abilities and interests of your relatives with the functions of the committees. Have your committees keep records and compile them in a reunion binder that you can hand off to next year’s planner.

Make a to-do List!

One of the best ways to stay organized is to create a timeline and checklist for items that must be accomplished for your family reunion.

Elaborate or Beautifully Simple!

All families are different. Some require nothing more than tents, a grill and a park to have a good time. Others prefer a banquet hall with a band or DJ. Start talking with your family about what type of family reunion you want. Keep in mind that the earlier you invite people, the more will be able to attend.

When and Medora!

Summertime is traditionally the time of year for family reunions, but if your family would rather sled than swim, winter gatherings can be great too. Three-day weekends give out-of-town relatives more time to travel. Once you decide on the date, then call group sales is Medora!

How Much!

If you’re hosting a potluck buffet or a small gathering in your backyard, your expenses can be relatively low. Larger reunions may require more substantial funding. Keep accurate records of all expenses. You may want to set up a special checking account to help keep track of revenues and expenses. Don’t feel you have to foot the bill on your own. Ask family members to help by contributing, or hold a fundraiser.

Plan a theme!

A theme can serve as a rallying cry. Use it in all communications about the reunion to create consistency, excitement and a sense of belonging. Themes are limited only by your imagination.

What’s for Dinner!

Having the right food can make or break your reunion. Check with your family about food allergies or aversions before choosing food. If your reunion will be held at a restaurant, get a list of options and create a couple of menus that fit within your budget. If you plan to have a potluck, decide what types of dishes everyone should bring.


Send your first “save-the-date” invitations as soon as you’ve decided on a date and location. That way your family can put the reunion on their calendars early, and they’ll be more likely to attend. If you’re having a potluck, use the invitation to assign dishes. If the gathering will be at a restaurant, inform them of the price range or remind everyone to send payment in advance. Send a reminder a couple of weeks before the gathering. If you still haven’t heard from some relatives a week or so before the event, contact them to ensure attendance.


Planning a few games and activities for your reunion can help relatives (especially those who don’t see each other often) relax and feel comfortable. Activities can also keep kids happy and occupied so that the adults can talk. The possibilities are endless— from a little friendly competition to icebreakers, to crafts that express your creativity.  Call Medora Group Sales and we will do that for you!

Remembering the Memories!

Your family gathering will be a memorable event. It’s also the perfect time to explore and preserve your family’s history and traditions. You can capture the memories in many ways including photographs, video recordings, video heirlooms and scrapbooks. And, while the family is all together, it’s the perfect time to create or update your family tree.

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