Bully Canyon Cookout -- an exclusive group experience 

Bully Canyon is an exclusive experience for you and your guests, promising an unforgettable evening you will never forget. Your guests have the option of a guided hike or a shuttle ride to our private location. Located in the badlands just a few miles out of town, sit on the horizon and enjoy one of our authenthic cookouts while watching the sunset on the badlands.

Entertainment options include (subject to availability):

  • our legend himself, Theodore Roosevelt
  • local storyteller, Rolf Sletten
  • Queen of the West, Emily Walter


Capacity: 40 people

Dates available to rent: June - September (weather permitting)

Rental fee: $55 per person (inclusive of food service, shuttle service, overall private exlusive experience)

Amenities: Fire pit, primative restrooms, bar service, shuttle service, grill, stunning views!

Why Bully Canyon?

  1. Your guests will rave about the view!
  2. An authentic, premium quality cookout 
  3. Fees are inclusive - leave the planning to us and enjoy the experience.


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