Medora Junior Rough Riders 

Doing what they can, where they are, with what they have to help build Medora!

The Medora Junior Rough Rider program is a way for you to get your kids involved with the creation of Medora -- and get 'em some pretty cool swag in the process! 

Junior Rough Rider membership is $50 per person, fully deductible and includes:

  • The official Junior Rough Rider bandana (see above)
  • A custom, Theodore Roosevelt inspired bookmarker
  • An official certificate 

PLUS: We'll have a Junior Rough Riders Day in Medora (to be announced), send birthday cards and inspiring messages throughout the year and have special benefits for them when they visit Medora. 

Our hope is your Junior Rough Riders come work a summer in Medora and eventually move up to Rough Riders -- ensuring the future of Medora is more magical than it is now!

Because if we want to preserve and build upon the Medora you know and love, we'll need more Rough Rider Members in the future to help us:

  • Bring living history reprisers to Medora for the summer
  • Improve the historic buildings and beautify Medora with thousands of flowers
  • Feed 600+ Volunteers 13,000 meals

To sign up your Junior Rough Riders by mail, follow this link, fill out the form on page 2 and mail it in!

OR Add your Junior Rough Rider(s) online here!


PS: Kids aren't the only ones who can be Junior Rough Riders.

If you'd like to get your fur-babies in on the Medora action. You won't be alone! Dogs, cats and all of God's creations can be Junior Ruff Riders!


If you're not a Rough Rider, you can learn more and join here


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