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Absolutely crucial to Medora’s continued success and growth, we are honored that you are considering being a Medora volunteer.

TRMF will have six different volunteer “seasons” in 2019, beginning in April through September. Every season is vitally important AND fun! Volunteers generally work between seven and eight hours a day in all of the categories.

The descriptions that follow are brief; a detailed description of each of the categories will be sent in the Volunteer Selection packet. The following is an overview of each volunteer season:

**denotes shoulder season sessions

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Pre-Season & Early Bird Volunteering

Pre-Season Volunteering – “Spirit of Work Weeks”**

Starting things out right!
Five days in length, Pre-Season volunteers come to assist with “spring cleaning,” preparing Medora for the arrival of our guests. There are no pre-set limits; we typically utilize two dozen or more volunteers per session. This is hands-on, “not afraid to get a little dirty,” indoor and outdoor spring cleaning/fix up/plant it experience! Perfect for those who want things “just right” before the guests arrive! Use your gifts, or learn how to do some new thing with your new friends!

The Early Birds I & II – “The Hybrids”** 

It’s better than ever!
Relatively new and now a sought after experience, these sessions provide a unique chance to be involved in a little bit of the Pre-Season, In Season and End of Season experiences all at once.  Twelve volunteers per session will be able to work at a variety of venues, from food service, retail, light maintenance/grounds and other venues.  It is a quieter and gentler Medora volunteer experience, one that will allow for time to explore, deepen friendships and be of tremendous value to our early arriving traveling public and TRMF employees.   

Take care of those early guests and visitors, help to prepare Medora so everything is "just right" for the upcoming summer.  Work with a great team of people and enjoy a "different Medora experience."


In-Season Volunteering

“The Green Vesters”  

Bigger and Better! 
Do you like to interact with the visitors and guests, while serving them in many varied locations?  Each In Season “week” is an eight-day commitment for the twenty-four (24) “Green Vesters” working all around Medora at a variety of TRMF venues. (A word to the wise: most In Season weeks have 2-3 times more applicants than spots available. Be flexible, consider at least one shoulder season option to increase your chance of being selected)

Volunteers work as couples or in pairs, are given their schedule for the week, in which they will rotate through about sixteen (16) locations/venues. Everyone works at virtually every location, with daily changes in the times and order of work shifts.

Work with a team of volunteers, be in the heart of the daily activity and excitement of Medora. Greet and brighten the days of the young to the young at heart.  Have so much fun you'd think it should be illegal... or at least that "we should have to pay TRMF for the privilege of volunteering," (a quote from a new 2008 volunteer).


End of Season, Fall Work Week, & Tee Timers Volunteering

Each of these sessions share the privilege and responsibility of providing all that is necessary to both extend and bring about success and a tremendous guest experience as we finish our season. Your presence is a boost to our full-time and seasonal staff as you bring new energy, life and skills. Check it out, many think these are the absolute best sessions!

End-of-Season Volunteering – “The Blue Shirts”** 

The Beginning of the End!
Our End-of-Season experience is different from our other volunteer experiences in length, responsibility and focus.  Medora is still in full swing, in fact, it is the busiest time of the summer, with everything open and visitors and guests in abundance.

The majority of our 300+ seasonal workforces are returning to school/jobs in mid-August, leaving a huge void in the staffing of our venues. EoS Volunteers literally take over many of the jobs held all summer by seasonal employees in various retail, attraction, service and maintenance positions. You'll do one job instead of many, and get immense satisfaction out of every day as you realize the importance of your efforts!   

There are no pre-set limits, we are hoping for 15-30 per session! This is a “must do” for the person looking for a challenge, change of pace and a chance to learn while doing. According to your peers, the number one highlight is becoming a close-knit team with fellow volunteers and staff.

Note: Specific duties are not determined by various managers until mid-July, as departure plans for seasonal workers are firmed up. If you are volunteering during this season, a mailing will be sent around that time asking for your preferences regarding the available duties and work locations that are emerging at that time.

15-30 openings per EoS session


Fall Work Week**

“Fall… In love with Medora, again!”    
Help us wrap up another successful season. Hoping for twelve to fifteen per session. It’s similar to the Pre-Season, so put on your work clothes for a little fall clean up, minor fix up, helping close up shops, work at Bully Pulpit, and more. Enjoy the crisp, fresh air and make new friends.

12 - 15 openings per Fall Work Week session


The Bully Pulpit Tee-Timers**

You should see your office!
This is a MUST DO for golfers. In fact, we encourage only frequent golfers to apply. Those who've done it claim it is the absolute best volunteer experience!  Help to serve our guests in this burgeoning late-season tournament schedule. Let the fantastic view, the friendly staff and excellent hospitality be the backdrop for this adventure. This is primarily a customer service, outdoor experience; serving guests, delivering and cleaning carts, assisting with players needs and working as a team. The lengths of sessions and the dates can be a little flexible.   

4 openings per Tee Timers session


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