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Absolutely crucial to Medora’s continued success and growth, we are honored that you are considering being a Medora volunteer. TRMF will have six different volunteer “seasons” in 2018,  beginning in April through September. Every season is vitally important AND fun! Volunteers generally work between seven and eight hours a day in all of the categories. The descriptions that follow are brief; a detailed description of each of the categories will be sent in the Volunteer Selection packet. The following is an overview of each volunteer season: (**denotes shoulder season sessions**)


In Season Volunteering – “The Green Vesters”  Bigger and Better!!!

Do you like to interact with the visitors and guests, while serving them in many varied locations?  Each In Season “week” is a eight day commitment for the twenty four (24) “Green Vesters” working all around Medora at a variety of TRMF venues. (A word to the wise: most In Season weeks have 2-3 times more applicants than spots available. Be flexible, consider options).


Volunteers work in pairs, are given a schedule for the week, in which they will rotate through about sixteen (16)  locations/venues. Everyone works at virtually every location, with daily changes in the times and order of work shifts.



Work with a team of volunteers, be in the heart of the daily activity and excitement of Medora. Greet and brighten the days of the young to the young at heart.  Have so much fun you'd think it should be illegal... or at least that "we should have to pay TRMF for the privilege of volunteering," (a quote from a new 2008 volunteer).





If you have questions about the 2018 volunteer program, please feel free to browse the volunteer program pages linked to below (lots of info and FAQs can be found), or contact Denis.


Volunteering at a Glance  /  Housing and Meals

Pre Season volunteering  /  End of Season volunteering


Denis Montplasir
Volunteer Coordinator

Off-season: 701-223-4800
Summer-season: 701.623.4444 ext. 8820

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