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If you did apply for the 2021 season, selections will be made in February and all volunteers will be notified of their status within the month. Volunteers selected will be expected to send back their acceptance agreements by March 19, 2021.

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Volunteer Season Descriptions

Before filling out the forms, please read all the following information. There are changes to the regular seasons, a new “Special Assignments” section, and a new set of opportunities at the Bully Pulpit Golf Course.

Each year, we get more applications than spots available. The intent of the expanded choices is to build a more expansive pool of volunteers with diverse areas of expertise. We do this by welcoming a good mix of new applicants and seasoned vets which is necessary to keep the volunteer program strong and viable.

Therefore, it is very important you have a clear understanding of each of the choices so that you know what is required of you when you make your selections! Please read thoroughly.




Pre-Season- 4 seasons- May

- Help us prepare the town to welcome summer guests!
- Each season is 5 days in length running Monday through Friday.
- Duties include but not limited to raking, weeding, mowing, carpentry, pruning trees and shrubs, cleaning, painting/staining, and various general maintenance duties.

Early Birds - 1 season

- Break out those customer service skills because Early Birds are some of the first volunteers to serve our guests!
- 8 day season in late May to include Memorial Day Weekend.
- Duties will be a combination of those listed above in Pre-Season and what is necessary to work at the various venues open to guests during the holiday weekend such as the Badlands Pizza, Shooting Gallery, Mini-Golf or other food service or retail venues.

In- Season (Green Vesters) - 14 seasons - June 7 to September 12

- Green Vesters are their name and Customer Service and Guest Interaction is their game! 
-  Each season is an 8-day commitment, arriving Monday and leaving the following Tuesday morning.
- Green Vesters rotate through a variety of venues daily following an assigned schedule.
- Duties include but are not limited to food service, ushering at the Medora Musical, guest services at the Gospel Brunch, Pitchfork Steak Fondue, Shooting Gallery, Mini-Golf and many more.


General End of Season - Mid-August to Mid-October

Partners can split up with one working general EOS and the other out at the Bully Pulpit (below)
-    Seasons start about mid-August to last day of Musical.
-    General EOS volunteers fill in for employees who return to school or their home countries while Medora is still in full operational mode.
-    Openings will depend on need which is determined by the number of employees leaving before the season ends.
-    Duties depend on positions available. Positions may include any of our food service venues such as the Badlands Pizza, Rough Rider Hotel catering or the Life Skills Center Cafeteria. Other positions may be with Maintenance, Grounds, Laundry, Campground or any of the other retail or entertainment venues as needed.
-      Duties may require cleaning, light lifting, walking, standing, stairs, customer service, and guest interactions.
-     Shifts average 6-7 hours including breaks/ day(s) off in each session depending on the length of the session.

Bully Pulpit End of Season - August to 1st Week in October

- Bully Pulpit Volunteer End of Season Brigade!
- These volunteers work exclusively at the Bully Pulpit (BP) Golf course.
- Sessions match regular EOS until the end of Musical.
- Postseason sessions run for 7 days each until mid-October.
- Duties may include customer service, outdoor services, tournament help, player prep, delivery and cleaning of carts and/or operating the snack bar (pop, chips, candy, etc.).
- Knowledge of golf is helpful but not required.


BP Golf Course Turf Care Team

Our Turf Care Team (TCT) volunteers love to play in the dirt, build things and run all kinds of machinery. They enjoy being a part of a vital team to renovate and maintain a top-ranked golf course. The projects they do are set up to accommodate both the golf season and the weather.  Some of the things to consider to be part of the TCT are below. 
 -  Likes being an early riser as some days can begin between 5:30-6:00am!
-    More than willing to put in a long day if the project will benefit 
-    Flexible on length of stay as some projects require more days than others   
-    Duties may include basic course set-up, mowing, using a blower, some 
     upkeep on buildings, filling divots, cleaning up landscape areas, 
     brooming sand into the turf and other general tasks involved in 
     maintaining a top-notch golf course
-    Other larger, short term projects may include duties such as earthmoving 
     and shaping, bunker removal, drainage installation, wooden stairway

The best part ---- all the golf you want to play when not on duty!

It is important for volunteers interested in working on the Turf Care Team check the TCT preference on the application and list their dates of availability.  Once our pool of applicants is built, we will contact you to set up the assignments for the dates and times that will match the needed projects. 


May select these in addition to Regular Season choices or as your only choice!

Spring Into Retail - 4 seasons - April

- Unpacking Warriors and Organization Wizards -- this one is for you!
- Duties may include unpacking boxes, folding, sorting, tagging merchandise and stocking shelves.
- If this is your only choice, be sure to check the “Special Assignment Only” choice in the preference selections under the Regular Seasons area of the application and then check your SIR choices

Flower Crew - 1 season - May 31 - June 4

- Green Thumbs Unite!
- Exclusively for preparing flower beds and planting flowers around Medora therefor experience and knowledge of gardening is helpful.
REMINDER - NOT part of a Pre-Season group as before –If only one spouse of a couple wants to plant flowers, the other spouse will be assigned to duties similar to Pre-Season.
- If this is your only choice, be sure to check the “Special Assignment Only” choice in the preference selections under the Regular Seasons area of the application and then check "Flower Crew".

Guest Shuttle Driver - June 9 - September 11

- Like to drive and visit with guests...this is the job for you!
- Sessions are 8 days each and you may sign up for more than one session.
- Skills must include the ability to drive a 15 passenger van.
- Duties include driving guests to Fondue and Musical and picking up at the end of the Musical. May also include assisting at the amphitheater during breaks as needed.
- 5-6 hour evening shift/breaks included.
- If this is your only choice, be sure to check the “Special Assignment Only” choice in the preference selections under the Regular Seasons area of the application and then check "Shuttle Driver".

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Still Have a Few Questions?

If you have questions about the volunteer program? Check out the FAQ page or feel free to contact us at any time. We can't wait to meet and work with you in Medora! Together, we will Connect People to Medora for Postive, Life-Changing Experiences!

Apply for the TRMF Volunteer Program

Each individual or married couple applying must fill out an application. Friends or non-married family members applying to volunteer together must each fill out an application, and can use the Preferred Work Partner field below to indicate that they’d like to volunteer in Medora together.

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Winter Address (if different than above)

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Work Type

There are no specific physical requirements for volunteer work at TRMF; we welcome applications for volunteer work from all individuals. However, many volunteer positions can be very demanding physically and may not be suitable for all individuals. To assist us in matching you with the right volunteer activity, please tell us about any physical limitations or preferences for the type of work you would want to perform in the space provided below. If you have any doubt as to your ability to safely perform any task while a volunteer, please ask for help at any time.

Seasonal Preference

Refer to the Pre-season, In-season, and End-of-Season sections for info on each timeframe selection.

You should pick two choices even if you select “No Preference” below.


As a condition of volunteering, I give TRMF permission to conduct a background check on me, which may include a review of the sex offenders’ registries, references and criminal history records. I understand that my appointment is conditional upon the information provided. I hereby release and hold harmless from liability TRMF, its officers, employees, and volunteers, as well as any person or organization that may provide information to TRMF.

I understand that this is an application for a volunteer position only. TRMF is not obligated to provide placement, nor is the applicant obligated to accept the position offered. The information that I have provided may be verified by contracting persons or organizations named in this application, or by conducting the background checks described above.

By inputting my initials this application, I verify I have read the information disclosed and certify that it is true and correct.

*COMPLETE and submit by January 5, 2018*

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