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Annual Volunteer Information

Thanks for your interest in the TRMF Volunteer Program. Applications for the 2018 Volunteer Seasons are closed, and selections are underway! 

If you've applied, you should have, or will be receiving, notification from us currently.

Annual Volunteer Application Timeline

- Online applications are available roughly November 15 -- we encourage you to fill it out online to help us go green. If needed, you can print out the application and mail in.

- Applications must be submitted and in our office by January 5

- The selection process typically wraps up in February and early March, with applicants notified by mid-to-late March of their status. If not selected, all applicants will be notified and given options to participate in any other available positions. Please make sure we have your email address, and a current (not forwarded) street address.

- To learn more about our TRMF Volunteer Program, please feel free to browse the volunteer program pages linked to below and/or to the right OR, start by reading the message from our Volunteer Coordinator, Denis, below. That will help get you started.


Volunteering at a Glance / Housing and Meals

Pre-season volunteering / 
 In-Season volunteering  /  End of season volunteering

How to Apply / Take me to the Application

Read on for more...

A note from the Volunteer Coordinator:

Welcome to the Medora Volunteer section of our website. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been here before, I want to thank you for your interest in possibly becoming, or returning, as a Medora volunteer.

Volunteers have been absolutely crucial in the sustaining and promoting the exponential growth of the TRMF, keeping Harold’s dream and visions for Medora alive. 

This summer marks the 20th year of the Medora volunteer program and the 32nd  anniversary of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. Changes are constantly happening as we work together with the board, staff and volunteers to carry out our Vision “To connect people to Medora for positive life-changing experiences.”

Applications are being accepted through our easy-to-use online application. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it all the way…read on.

As you browse through the volunteer pages, either by clicking within this text or on the sidebar to the left, please take the time to capture the essence of what has become a premier volunteer program (click on At a Glance here).

I am asked many times, “With so many applicants, how do you make selections?”

It is the hardest thing that I have to do and I/we work diligently to be as fair and consistent as possible. I’ve put together a “checklist” entitled “What Does a Great Medora Volunteer Look Like?(see At a Glance here to view checklist) 

These qualities, found in a mix of new or “veteran” volunteers from diverse geographical locations, are key factors for your success as a volunteer.


Additionally we try to look at the following:

  • We also need to consider the preferences of each individual/couple for particular weeks and/or seasons, their prior year(s) of service and the quality of their past volunteer efforts. 

  • Two other specific things are very helpful in increasing your chances of being selected; flexibility and availability.

    • Flexibility: paraphrasing Pres. John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what TRMF can do for you, but what you can do for TRMF” shows itself in your willingness to try varied experiences, e.g. - End of Season instead of In-Season. 

  • Many of you have taken the risk to try out a different season and found it to be equally rewarding, and in many cases even better!

    • Hint: Checking the “No Preferences”/WWWYNM box on the application is a good thing

  • Next, I would suggest exploring the different seasons offered (Pre-Season, In Season, End of Season).

    • Over the past couple of years the offerings have greatly expanded in number, scope and variety -- a little of something for everyone! I’ve included a brief description of each and the number of spots available for each session. (**A reminder that In Season applications are consistently 2-3 times the number of spots available**) Please take a look even if you’re a veteran Medora volunteer. Many of the options have changed or been modified!


If you are ready to apply for the upcoming season, 

Be sure to fill out one per person applying unless you are a married couple.  


Finally, when you have completely and accurately filled out your application, then you must do one of the following by January 5:

  1. Simply hit SUBMIT if applying online, then we'll follow up.

  2. Or if you're sending a printed application, place your printed form in an envelope and mail to:
    P.O. Box 1698
    Bismarck, ND 58502

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in Medora.  Because of friends like you, Medora continues to be North Dakota’s #1 tourist destination.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 1-701-223-4800 or e-mail me at

I look forward to meeting and working with you. Have a Wonder-Full day.


Volunteer Coordinator   



If you have questions about the Medora Volunteer Program, please feel free to browse the volunteer program pages linked to below (lots of info and FAQs can be found), or contact Denis.


Volunteering at a Glance / Housing and Meals

Pre-season volunteering / 
 In-Season volunteering  /  End of season volunteering

How to Apply / Take me to the Application



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