Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering

Q: We have a pet and it’s difficult to find someone to watch it to come and volunteer. Can I/we bring our pet along?
A: No, all of our lodging facilities are pet-free. There may be boarding options in the surrounding area, but none in Medora. TRMF will not provide any information or recommendations regarding boarding, which is on your own.

Q: My spouse doesn’t want to volunteer, but would love to stay with me? 
A: Only active volunteers may stay in TRMF provided housing at no cost. 

Q: My family is coming to visit me as I volunteer? Can they eat with me at the LSC or any of the other food venues?
A: Yes they can, but they will need to pay the full guest price for meals and cannot receive the employee discount. They are also to pay regular price for all TRMF attractions and venues.

Q: If I/we are Not Selected, what are our options?
A: First, all volunteers not selected are placed on our Call for Cancellations list. We end up having to replace 50-70 volunteers per summer who have cancelled. Second, we will provide you a list of options for any other seasons and dates that may be still open on a first-come, first-served basis. Regardless of the first two, apply again next year and you will be given first priority for selection.

Q: How will I know that my application has been successfully submitted?
A: When fully completed and submitted, you should receive an electronic reply within a very short time. Be sure to check your junk/spam mail folder if it doesn’t arrive. Last resort, call the office at 701-223-4800 to confirm.

Q: I don’t have or use a computer, how can I apply?
A: A couple of options; find someone/somewhere with a computer (kids/grandkids, neighbor, friend, library). Complete the application online and submit or print a copy of the application(s) needed, complete and submit by the deadline. Another is to contact Colleen at the Bismarck office 701-223-4800 after December 1st and request a paper copy to be mailed to you.

Q: I'm interested in bringing my group or company to volunteer all at one time -- can I do that? 
A: ABSOLUTELY -- just call us so we can setup a custom plan for your team to volunteer in Medora. 


$100,000 Seed Gift Starts Denis Montplaisir Volunteer Endowment

Also, learn about the brand new Denis Montplaisir Volunteer Endowment in honor of the late program coordinator and aimed to fund the TRMF Volunteer Program forever. Learn more here. 

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