Theodore Roosevelt Celebrates Our Oldest Ally: July 14-17

Honors the Service and Sacrifice of His Son, Quentin, 100 Years After WWI

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation Salutes French-American Friendship & Commemorates the Centennial of the Death in Combat of Lieutenant Quentin Roosevelt by Sending TR & Quentin to France

On July 14, 1918, Bastille Day, Lieutenant Quentin Roosevelt, U.S. Army Air Corps - 95th Aero Squadron and youngest child of President & Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, made the ultimate sacrifice for French freedom. 

He was flying over the Second Battle of the Marne during the final months of World War One.

Had Quentin returned from his morning mission, he would have been in charge of music for a local Bastille Day celebration hosted by his unit for local French citizens.

Exactly 100 years after Quentin's death in battle, the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation will send a troupe of American musicians and actors on a performance pilgrimage to France, to play the music and salute the friendship of the people of France and the United States.

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A Tribute Troupe Lead by the President

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation’s own, Joe Wiegand, will lead the troupe and bring Theodore Roosevelt to life through first person living history.

The tour's musical tribute to French-American friendship and the music of 1918, stars folk artist Tom Brosseau, a native of Grand Forks, North Dakota, joined by Gregory Page, a San Diegan, and Meaghan Kyle of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Austin Artz, a native of Minot, North Dakota and a soon to graduate history major at the University of North Dakota, will share a gifted interpretation of Lt. Quentin Roosevelt.

David Shuey of Pennsylvania, the nation's leading reprisor of General John Joseph "Black Jack" Pershing, General of the Armies and Commander of the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe, will join the troupe in a return to France.

Videographer Daniel Gannarelli will be along for the entire journey, working to document this historic event.

An event that pays homage to what can be accomplished when the good people of the world -- from individuals to entire nations -- come together.

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Marching Orders

The troupe will perform on the morning of July 14 at Chamery.
Charmery is the French village near Reims, where Quentin was originally buried and where he is remembered with a fountain.

Our group will be performing in Chamery exactly 100 years to the hour and day on which Quentin died nearby in 1918.

The following day, Sunday, July 15 at sunset, the group will perform at Colleville-sur-Mer.
This is the American Cemetery that provides the final resting place for Quentin Roosevelt and his brother, General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., who died in France in July 1944, weeks after he was the only General Officer to go to shore on D-Day. 

On Tuesday, July 17, we will perform for a French and American audience in Paris.
As supporters of the American Revolution, France is our oldest ally. Commemorating our shared history and celebrating the hope and promise of our future relations, this TRMF Salute to French-American Friendship is our way of saying thank you to the millions of Americans and French who have served the cause of good from 1776, to the shaping world conflicts of the 20th Century, to today.

Other performances are possible with your help.
We aim to add additional performances for the American Embassy in Paris and for other institutions that celebrate the friendship between America and France, the world's two oldest republics.

You can help by making a contribution and, if you have French Connections, we'd love to hear from you.

Join the cause. Help us celebrate the friendship of our oldest ally, and the service and sacrifice of countries and individuals for good.

You can help by making a contribution to the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable educational not-for-profit organization which is helping to sponsor the TR Tour in France. 

By joining the cause, you're helping to meet the fundraising needs and goals for this good-will tour. 

$10,000 Raised
Gets the troupe to France

$15,000 Raised
Allows funding for additional, free performances for the French public and others

$20,000 Raised
Allows the production of the documentary video that all donors above $500 receive



$19,530 of $20,000 Raised

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Support Level Ranges: Donate Now, Get a Little 'Thank You' from All of US

Donations of $5,000 or more
Will be entitled to host a House Party where both Tom Brosseau and Joe Wiegand will perform, entertaining your personally invited guests -- subject to availability.
Plus, these donors receive all the TR merchandise, two tickets to the TR Salute in Medora, two tickets to the Medora Musical, and two tickets to the Medora Gospel Brunch. 

Total Donor Package retail value: $1,000

Donations of $2,500 - $4,999
Will receive a complimentary Teddy Roosevelt Package for Two in Medora.

Package includes one night Lodging, Dinner with Joe at Theodore's Dining Room, and tickets to see the world-famous Medora Musical, the amazing Medora Gospel Brunch, and of course the TR Salute to Medora.
Donor must provide own transportation to Medora, ND -- subject to availability. Plus, all the TR merchandise.

Total Donor Package retail value: $500

Donations of $1,000 to $2,499
Will receive a Teddy Roosevelt visit to your local school and a performance to benefit a local charity of your choice. Plus, donors will also receive all TR merchandise items listed below.

Total Donor Package retail value: $300

Donations of $500 to $999
Will receive a specially-produced DVD of the TR Troupe in France, all the TR merchandise items listed below, AND, two tickets to the Medora Musical and two tickets to A TR Salute to Medora.

Total Donor Package retail value: $210

Donations of $250 to $499
Will receive a TR Sampler DVD, a Teddy Roosevelt t-shirt, two TR coffee mugs, and a bumper sticker. Plus! Two tickets to see A TR Salute to Medora.

Total Donor Package retail value: $90

Donations of $100 - $249
Will receive a Teddy Roosevelt t-shirt, two TR coffee mugs, and a bumper sticker. ($40 retail value)

Donations of $50 to $99
Will receive two TR coffee mugs. ($20 retail value)

Donations of $20 to $49
Will receive a bumper sticker  ($5 retail value.)

Support of all levels is welcomed. Join the cause today and help reach the goal!

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Make a Contribution by Check

Physical Donations by check may be fully tax-deductible (check with your tax professional) and are happily accepted. 

Please make them payable to the:
Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

P.O. Box 198
Medora, ND 58645.

Please memo "TR in France" to make sure the funds are dedicated to the French-American Friendship Tour.


Donations will be accepted through August 1, 2018.
Donations received will be used to underwrite the TRMF Goodwill Ambassador Tour effort and to creating and distributing a DVD of the performance adventure.
Every donor will be thanked personally and every donated dollar will go to make the Goodwill Ambassador Tour a success.
Donations are tax-deductible to the greatest extent allowable by tax law; check with your tax professional.
All support donations made will follow the Support Level Ranges Section above to assign premium items. 

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