This is a growing initiative driven by our all-volunteer-board. The Medora Wish Endowment was created based off of a simple yet powerful desire of our founder, who not only wanted to provide amazing entertainment for folks in Medora, but to also allow as many people as possible to be inspired by the Badlands. 

"We must try to find ways to keep costs low for families to attend Medora activities." - Harold Schafer

Created and initially funded by Don & Pat Clement and Michael & Vicki Zaun this endowment has two priorities: 

1) To help fund additional "Kids FREE" days at various Medora attractions and/or events each year

2) And to periodically help cover the cost of travel, ticketing, lodging and/or other expenses related to sponsoring an inspirational trip to Medora for a person or people who could not otherwise experience it for physical, mental, or monetary limitations.


More Can Be Inspired

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world visit Medora -- taking in all different kinds of entertainment, events, attractions and family experiences in the Badlands that inspired Theodore Roosevelt and Harold Schafer. 

But not everyone has the opportunity to be inspired by the Badlands. 

The Medora Wish Endowment will use annual earnings from the fund to help more people experience this amazing place. The fund's earnings are flexible as well -- giving the flexibility to TRMF and the fund supporters to identify new or different attractions to sponsor each year.

Applications and selections for individual travel support will be handled through to-be-selected local community support administrators -- helping us fund the most Medora experiences by keeping administration costs low.

Download a one-sheet, printable PDF about the Medora Wish Endowment.

Meet the 2019 "Medora Wish" recipient, Rainann Bull!

The Medora Wish Endowment brought smiles to a new face this summer. Rainann Bull, a 17-year-old from Jamestown, arrived July 12 as the second ever to receive a trip to Medora sponsored by the Medora Wish Endowment. The endowment also hosted the first ever Kids FREE Week, welcoming over 2,000 kids to enjoy select shows absolutely free. Learn about Rainann's time in Medora and the first Kids FREE Week on our featured blog.

News coverage of the first ever Medora Wish:
"Spearfish man's wish comes true with trip to Medora" - KXMC-TV story by Steve Kirch

"Medora Wish Granted" - KFYR-TV story by Megan Hoffman

"New Medora fund to make children's wishes come true" - Fargo Forum, by Iaian Woessner (also published in the Grand Forks Herald)

"New Medora fund makes wishes come true" - The Dickinson Press, by Iaian Woessner

TRMF News Release about John's "Medora Wish"


Contribute to the Medora Wish

We invite you to join us by making a contribution to the Medora Wish Endowment. Gifts of all levels will help the endowment grow and provide support for kids and families.

Gifts of $25,000 or more will be recognized as "Medora Wish Wranglers" -- a legacy that will be recognized forever as we grow and help more families with the Medora Wish.

We are also happy to assist you in contributing with an IRA rollover or estate giving options, or to help you take advantage of tax savings by contributing to this qualifying endowment.

"Medora Wish Wranglers"

Don & Pat Clement (co-creators and lead donors) – Bismarck, ND
Michael & Vicki Zaun (co-creators and lead donors) – Gold Canyon, AZ

Ardis Afseth – Minot, ND

Anonymous Wrangler – Bismarck, ND 

Sandy Boehler – Fargo, ND

Casey & Jessica Clement – Bismarck, ND

Kelly Clement – Denver, CO

Jim & Mary Domaskin – Ross, ND

Bruce & Lorraine Furness – Fargo, ND

Larry & Dorothy Goodall – Stanley, ND

Margo Helgerson – Westhope, ND

Nancy Johnson - Fargo, ND

Jim & Joanne Kack – Bozeman, MT

Tom and Francis Leach Foundation – Bismarck, ND

Sandy Tjaden & Roger Myers – Bismarck, ND

Arthur and Edith Pearson Foundation – Westhope, ND

Wes and Bonnie Thomas – Minot, ND

We are so grateful for your dedication and leadership in helping more families experience Medora!


Ready to join in to help send more young people and their families to Medora for positive, life-changing experiences? 

Support the Endowment


Contact a Development Officer at:


"I wish we could figure out a way to let people experience Medora for free!" - Harold Schafer

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