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The Medora Musical has entertained families in the beauty of the North Dakota Badlands since its first showing in 1965. When Harold Schafer acquired a rough-set theater in the badlands and said, "Since I own a theater, I might as well put on a show."

As Harold described the show he had in mind in those early days, he remarked that his new production had to include three things: 

1. Something for the Kids.

2. A Celebration of Theodore Roosevelt.


3. A BIG Patriotic Ending.

These three guiding principles still hold true today.

For over 50 years and four million visitors, the Medora Musical has presented a show that followed these same guiding ideas from Harold - while also changing every year's production just enough to make it a fresh, new experience.

And it's become more than "just a musical." Today, the Medora Musical has become a traditional summer adventure for families from all over the region. Many make at least one trip to Medora every year to see the show with their children, grandchildren, and, in some cases, even great-grandchildren.

This little town means something different to every visitor and its charm is special to all families. The show that Harold and his wife Sheila dreamt of - and ultimately invested their fortune into preserving for our country - is at the core of it all.

Ready to sponsor this great family tradition, give us a call at (701) 223-4800.

Keep scrolling to see all of your funding options!

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities to become involved at many investment levels. Each sponsor, while contributing to a nonprofit organization, also receives some great perks! Keep scrolling to see all of the sponsorship opportunities or download the printable version of this sponsorship program.

Kids Day

$25,000 annually   |   multiple opportunities

Sponsoring kids day allows children 17 and under to experience the show free every Wednesday and Sunday. Help make Medora a yearly tradition for families across the region.

The Famous "Ghost Ride"

$15,000 annually   |   1 opportunity remaining

Help continue the tradition of the famous Medora Ghost Ride by sponsoring this memorable moment of the show.

Featured Variety Acts

$10,000   |   1 opportunity per act

Variety acts offer an exciting change for every show. With 3-4 acts every summer, families plan trips to Medora around these acts and others come to see them all.

Patriotic Firework Finale

$15,000 annually   |   2 opportunities remaining

Every night the show goes out with a bang! Sponsor an awe-inspiring patriotic closing for visitors to enjoy all summer long.

Cowboys & Horses

$10,000 annually   |   1 opportunity remaining

Channel your inner cowboy and take us back to the wild west by sponsoring the appearance of cowboys and live horses at every show.

Lighting & Sound

$10,000 annually   |   4 opportunities remaining

Sponsor improvements and annual design work to the amphitheatre’s lighting and sound system to help keep the show world-class.

Set Design

$10,000 annually   |   2 opportunities remaining

The setting of old Medora remains the same; your sponsorship helps create new pieces for the character of each year’s production.

Stage Crew

$5,000 annually   |   4 opportunities remaining

Support the team behind the scenes and sponsor the large and important stage crew.

Interested in sponsoring one of the available opportunities?

Give Joslyn Tooz, Randy Hatzenbuhler, or Justin Fisk a call at (701) 223-480 or keep scrolling to learn how we feature our sponsors.



Special Thanks

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation is grateful for the support of our major sponsors. It is through the financial support of donors that we are able to make the Medora Musical the “Greatest Show in the West.” 

We recognize our sponsors in many different ways throughout the year, check out where you could find your sponsorship!

Adventure Guide

150,000+ copies printed annually 

The adventure guide can be picked up many places throughout the region. This publication is the what, when, and where of Medora. Sponsors who have committed by January 1st will be featured in the adventure guide.

Annual Development

Copies available digitally

The annual development report is a wrap up of the fiscal year and outlines the growth the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation experienced. 

Medora Musical Program

100,000+ people read annually 

This program is handed out nightly to guests attending the show. Guests can take home a copy of the program. You could say they take a little piece of you with them when they go! Sponsors who have committed by May 1st will be featured in the Medora Musical Program.

Announcements During Show

100 shows per summer

Prerecorded and live announcements will happen throughout the show to acknowledge our sponsors, that's you!

Support North Dakota's greatest tradition today!

Call Joslyn Tooz, development officer, at (701) 223-4800.


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