Elkhorn Quarters by Greg Butler

A $20 Million challenge finds a solution for half

Recycle and Reuse + Save Millions | Complete the Life Skills Center campus | Keep Affordable Lodging for Families

Opened for student, seasonal, and international workers + guests through the summer of 2018, with final row construction underway winter of '18/'19. Support opportunities are still available.

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation realized necessary changes to the Bunkhouse had to be made to better serve employees and visitors during their time spent visiting Medora, the Badlands, and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Replacing the Bunkhouse would be a major financial challange, however, the Elkhorn Quarters project looked a $20 million challenge in the face and found a solution for half of that. Greg Butler believed in the future the Elkhorn Quarters could create and lead the way with a $1 Million contribution to name the project: Elk Horn Quarters -- by Greg Butler.

But First, A Little History

In 1980, founder Harold Schafer acquired a workforce housing camp that had been used for completion of a gas pipeline in Western North Dakota. Harold believed that this facility could last 8-10 years in providing housing for seasonal employees, as well as some low-cost motel rooms for guests. The 8-10 years turned into more than 35 years, and the "Bunkhouse" had become an old and weary property that we were slated to begin replacement plans for.

But here's the catch: construction of an entirely new facility would cost in excess of $20 million! This was the twenty-million-dollar challenge that we were grappling with when something incredible happened.

An opportunity arose that would allow us to create a new, multi-use property that completed the Life Skills Center Campus, continued to offer affordable lodging for guests, and would save millions of dollars!

With the slowdown of energy-industry work in North Dakota, an oilfield workforce housing camp became available and we were able to secure the in-kind donation of this 400-room facility that will serve guests, volunteers, and the seasonal staff that delivers our top-flight service every day.

The Elkhorn Quarters Proposal

By replacing the Bunkhouses with the Elkhorn Quarters development accommodations will be expanded for employees and visitors alike. Including the Elkhorn Quarters in the Life Skills Center campus plan will create a campus-like feel for seasonal student employees. Visitors will also be able to enjoy the character of this development with the convenience of being near all of the attractions Medora has to offer.

The printable copy of the Elkhorn Quarters proposal outlines the benefits that this project will serve for decades to come. It is a project that will help to propel Medora into the future, better than ever before.

The Elkhorn Quarters will be an addition to the Life Skills Center campus that serves as a hub for seasonal employees and volunteers to engage together. This development will also provide affordable housing and amenities for visitors to enjoy.

Bird's eye view rendering, looking down and east. Rows 1-4 are guest housing, part of 4 and 5 - 6 is for student, seasonal, and international employees.
Outside of row four, looking south

Employee single room with bed, wardrobe, microwaves, mini fridge.

Student employee bunk rooms.

Affordable Guest Rooms - single bed

Eklhorn Family Rooms -- 24 complete in 2018, apx 30 more under construction in row 6, along with approximately 30 more employee housing units.


If you are interested in Naming a Lane call Randy Hatzenbuhler or Joslyn Tooz at (701) 223-4800.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Together We Can Succeed

A number of opportunities, at various giving levels, will be matched, dollar by dollar by Greg Butler's challenge pledge.

Name the Project

The Greg Butler Elkhorn Quarters

$1,000,000 Match Challenge

Sponsor the Outdoor Commons

Including the pool area, central green space, the volleyball court and soccer field.

$500,000  |  1 opportunity available

Sponsor the Student Laundry Facility

$150,000  |  1 opportunity available

Sponsor the Roads

Wide, parking space for guests and student employees with visual and seating improvements.

$250,000  |  2 opportunities available

Sponsor the Badlands Landscaping

$100,000  |  1 opportunity available

Sponsor a Building

$50,000  |  16 opportunities available

Sponsor one of these opportunities and help shape the next successful 50 years in Medora. Call Randy Hatzenbuhler or Joslyn Tooz at (701) 223-4800. 

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