Point to Point Park

A gift from our family to yours -- The Matt and JoAnn Butler Foundation

This new addition to Medora is an ode to Theodore Roosevelt's favorite game + a brand new place for families to enjoy the Badlands together! 

Nestled between the Badlands Motel and Children's Park, the Medora Entry Park will be a safe, family-friendly location for all ages to have fun, relax, and take in Medora's heritage. 

Read on to learn more and to get involved...

“When you play, play hard.”

That was part, of just one of Theodore Roosevelt’s many notable mottos, but one we still celebrate across the country today.

Theodore Roosevelt was the first President in history to insist on exercise and play in everyday life. He overcame childhood asthma by working hard to “build his body” through continual exercise – living what he called the “strenuous life” where he kept his mind and body sharp through non-stop activity.

One of Roosevelt’s favorite strenuous life activities was going on one of his famous Point-to-Point Hikes – fast-paced walks through the woods, cliffs, and streams with one rule: whatever obstacle lie ahead, you must never go around, but always navigate over, under, or right through it.

Roosevelt loved leading his hiking parties on these point-to-point adventures through the outdoors – from his own children to military officers and foreign diplomats – many of them fondly remembering them as a testament to TR’s vigor for life.

Today, we strive to help our children, and our children’s children connect with our 26th President through the youthful exuberance of some new, Point-to-Point adventure in Medora.

In late September, something amazing happened: after seeing the plans for this brand new family park in Medora members of the Matt and JoAnn Butler Foundation pledged a $2 Million matching grant challenge. For every dollar raised in support of the new Point to Point Park, they will match it. Read the whole story here!

Point to Point Park will Feature

Manitou - the Point to Point Zipline

Little Bully Pulpit Mini Golf Course

The front 9 holes of the new mini-golf course will encompass the current mini golf area and feature many authentic North Dakota and Medora symbols such as the Chimney from the Marquis de Mores meat packing plant as well as a feature of the Medora Musical!

The back 9 holes of the new mini golf course will be built into the Badlands across the street from the current mini golf location and feature more of a natural Badlands feel.

Lazy Little Mo - Lazy River and Zero Entry Pool

The Lazy Little Mo will feature a lazy river complete with the telling of the time Teddy captured boat thieves in the Badlands! As you can see below the lazy river will be attached to a zero entry pool.

Free Attractions at Point to Point Park

Point to Point Park will also feature some free activities for visitors and the community. Located towards the south end of the park will be a free Splash Deck, Jump Pillow, and Shelters for picnics and relaxing.

Plus, in the future there are plans for a trail system built into the Badlands which will give families to experience the strenuous life and play their own game of Point to Point!

Take a virtual tour of Point to Point Park and see all of the great activities it will include! 

See the overall Site Plan here!

Theodore Roosevelt loved to play, most of all to play with his children. He felt so strongly that they should have time together regularly that he tried to end his workday at 4:00pm each day.

Sometimes called “The White House Gang”, the Roosevelt children played all kinds of games ranging from pillow fights and wrestling matches, to obstacle courses and fun had sliding down the steps atop baking sheets borrowed from the kitchen.

This is all part of the effort to create more to do in Medora every day. Point to Point Park will help honor Theodore Roosevelt’s love of playing with his kids by allowing today’s generation to do the same.

Ready to help create a lasting, family-fun tradition in Medora?

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*The plan and information you see above, including the name, is a working copy and subject to change as we work to do the most good, for the most number of people so that even more can connect to Medora for positive, life-changing experiences. 

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