Medora Child Care Center

This new addition to Medora would provide a current need that is missing for families to live a fulfilling life in Medora.

Located near the Children Park in a quiet area of town, this facility will be a place for learning, playing, and socializing for the children of Medora.

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We are a Family Who Values Family

Today, there is no licensed, full-time child care in Medora or Billings County - and it is making it harder for young families to build a fulfilling life here. The lack of child care impacts the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation's staff turnover and recruitment - establishing this child care center will improve both.

A child care facility will first and foremost serve the employees of TRMF and the community with the potential for growth to serve guests as well.

This child care center will be under the direction of a licensed, childcare expert with support from the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.

This is all part of making Medora a lasting place for families to live!

Ready to help create a facility that impacts our employees?

Contact Joslyn Tooz, Major Gifts Officer at:

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