Fitness Center at the Life Skills Center

Enriching the Life Skills Center Campus

The Fitness Center is an addition that is necessary to the campus experience for our workers and will provide indoor fitness opportunities for employees.

Fitness Center at the Life Skills Center

Fitness Center Proposal

The Fitness Center will be an addition to the Life Skills Center campus that serves as a hub for seasonal employees and volunteers to live, eat, work, and engage together. It will be located on the first floor of the Life Skills Center and will be surrounded by the social room, music studios, resource room, non-denominational prayer room, and cafeteria.

It provides a variety of equipment ranging from cardio to free weights in an open and bright room.

The fitness center is open to seasonal and full-time employees 24 hours a day seven days a week as well as the community during regular business hours. 

It creates a place for employees to focus on bettering themselves ultimately resulting in more happy and healthy workers.

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