Burning Hills Amphitheatre Incline Elevator

Situated next to the escalator at the Burning Hills Amphitheatre, the incline elevator will be an additional service for Medora Musical visitors. This addition will create more opportunities for mobility-impaired guests to enjoy the Medora Musical up close all summer long!

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Current Amphitheatre Transportation

In years past we have done our best to make the Medora Musical a fun, enjoyable summer spot for all of our visitors. Part of doing so is making our visitors entry into the Burning Hills Amphitheatre memorable. The scenic views of the badlands and elk on the hill as you descend into seats is a beautiful setting.

Not all guests however, are able to have this great experience when visiting the Amphitheatre. Bringing guests into the Amphitheatre on golf carts using the walking path has worked for many but it is not the most ideal mode of transportation for our mobility impaired guests. The need for more accessible and safe transportation for mobility impaired folks really kick-started our search for a solution. That's when we came upon the incline elevator!

These are some ideas we have for our very own incline elevator...

What To Look Forward To

The installation of the incline elevator will be right next to the preexisting escalator. The incline elevator will be a horizontally moving, open-air, covered elevator that will hold up to 10 people per trip. This addition to the Burning Hills Amphitheatre will give all guests a scenic entrance to the Badlands venue they want to experience. This will also be a safer, quicker mode of transportation for visitors who have difficulties walking or doing stairs upon entering the Amphitheatre. The incline elevator will provide better customer service to those who need additional help.

Help more people enjoy the Medora Musical!

This necessary project will connect more people to Medora. The right donor could start the installation of the incline elevator very soon making trips to seats easier and quicker for mobility impaired guests.

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