Past and Future Projects for TRMF

This timeline presentation outlines where Medora started, how it has grown, and what the foundation has planned for the future. Share with us any ideas you have of how we can continue to develop Medora.

Here is a short list of our most recent, Donor-Funded Projects

Medora Musical Bathroom Expansion -- completed 2017
The show must go on -- but often on a busy night, many folks waiting to use the mid-level restrooms used to be stuck in line when intermission concluded and the show started back up. Thanks to contributions by Mark & Claudia Thompson, owners of H.A. Thomson and Sons, as well as Paul Gurholt, the rest room capacity was nearly DOUBLED, with only minor changes the existing foot print of the structure. In 2017, the increased capacity and new family rest room addition meant that most everyone got to see the kick off of act two of the show. 

Old Town Hall Theater & Sorensen Stage expansion and renovation -- completed 2017
Now home to numerous shows, every day in the summer, as well as top-flight entertainment throughout the fall, winter, and spring, this project was funded by a combination of lead donors, John Andrist and Mike & Peggy Bullinger, and numerous seat sponsors within the theater itself. The stage name pays tribute to 30-year veteran, and forever supporter/promoter of Medora, Bill Soresne, who even brings the Magical Medora Christmas, a show he conceived with Emily Walter, to the Old Town Hall Theater each Christmas season.

Bill & Jane Marcil Life Skills Center -- completed 2016
First ever creation of a space that offers our staff, cast, student and international workers, and volunteers a place to work, train, and grow together.

Historically accurate renovation of the Joe Ferris General Store, thanks to lead donor Dr. Dennis Wolf -- -- completed in 2016

Infrastructure at the Medora Musical -- the safer, wider road leading to the amphitheatre and vastly improved paved parking and drainage -- completed in 2014

The restoration and expansion of the historic Rough Riders Hotel -- completed in 2010
A place often frequented by Theodore Roosevelt during his time here (it was called the "Metropolitan" then). This was also the first project undertaken by Harold in 1962 when he began the resurrection of Medora.

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