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The Life Skills Center is at the heart of campus and employee living. Donated by Bill and Jane Marcil the Life Skills Center was created to implement a space that brings employees together to do great work as well as to create a space that enriches our employees social and educational lives, and it does just that.

It is based around the Elkhorn Quarters where most of our employee housing is located and is right next to the Spirit of Work lodge which houses our volunteers. It serves as our activity center, information base, and cafeteria location.

You can look forward to the following amenities at the Life Skills Center...

Fitness Center
Social/Activity Room
Resource Room with study areas and computers
Prayer & Reflection Room
Dining Center
Music Rooms
English Language Learning Classroom 

This building is also home to the Medora Musical Rehearsal Hall, the reservation center, and a training room. Life skills classes on various topics will be held in the training room throughout the summer season. These courses are free for employees to attend. 


During the summer season, the employee cafeteria in the Life Skills Center is open. Meals are provided optionally at a cost of $6.00/meal. Deductions for meal charges are taken directly from the employee's paycheck. Employees will only be charged for meals actually purchased with their employee meal card.

During the summer season, there are no kitchens available for use by seasonal staff. However, we do have microwaves available for use in centrally located areas. Shuttle services to Wal-Mart in Dickinson will be made available weekly.

During the fall and spring season, a lunchtime meal option may be available to seasonal staff.  Kitchen use will be made available when the Life Skills Center cafeteria is closed.

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Seasonal employee housing consists of motel-style rooms and double occupancy dormitory rooms. Other housing and a limited number of RV sites with water, sewer and electrical hook-ups are also available, however, the majority of summer employees are housed in dormitories and motel-style rooms. The housing cost is $40/week for a shared room and $65/week for a single room. Employee housing costs are deducted from employee paychecks. Housing assignments are made based on availability with employees' preferences taken into consideration. Housing is available only to those employees who are 18 and older.

Blankets, pillows, towels, washcloths, and other linens are provided by TRMF, however, employees are welcome to bring their own linens. It is the employees' responsibility to change their own bed linens and keep their room clean and orderly. Washers and dryers are available at each employee housing location for no charge.

The use of toasters, toaster ovens, rice cookers, coffee makers or any other type of cooking equipment is not allowed in employee housing. Employees have access to mini-fridges, TVs, and microwaves in their assigned room. Candles and incense are also not permitted.  There are room inspections to ensure that this policy is followed. Please keep in mind that closet and storage space is limited. TRMF will not be liable for loss of personal belongings. Renter's insurance is recommended.

No pets of any kind are allowed or tolerated in seasonal employee housing. Employees who are found to have pets in their employee housing will be issued a large pet cleaning fine and will likely lose the privilege of receiving employee housing.  

Employees must follow proper check-in and check-out procedures for employee housing. Rooms must be cleaned and assessed by housing managers, and keys must be returned. Failure to follow this policy will result in cost assessments. Terminated employees are required to vacate housing immediately, and they are responsible for making their own travel arrangements out of the area.

Elkhorn Quarters Employee Housing

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