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Thanks for stopping by our employment pages! On September 8th, 1883, Theodore Roosevelt arrived in Medora for the first time. He later went on to be one of the greatest Presidents of the United States in history -- and Roosevelt said that he never would have done so without his time here

Then, in 1962 the little cowtown of Medora was about to disappear -- that is until legendary North Dakota businessman, Harold Schafer, decided it was up to him to save this place and its history for generations to come. Fast forward to today, and Medora is the #1 Tourist Destination in North Dakota.

It's a town of about 100 people most of the year, but May through September, several hundred thousand travelers visit here, chasing the allure of the Badlands, the experience of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the great golf or a night at the world-famous Medora Musical, which we operate here at the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. And we do a lot of other things, too. You can check out more about TRMF's history, here. 

But we can't do any of it, without you!

Over 350 seasonal team members come to Medora each year to help make unforgettable attractions have a personal touch for the traveling guests. Many of our former summer staff have told us the same thing: their summer in Medora was the #BestSummerOfMyLife.

So we're glad you're interested in working with us! 

So, if you're ready to Apply Now or view our current Full Time, Seasonal, and Internship openings, click the button below and get started!



If you still want to learn a little more, read on, then view the full list of Job and Internship Opportunities at TRMF. 

Below you'll hear from one former student worker, Joey, as he takes you through a little "orientation" about the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation -- TRMF works, too, or TR Medora Foundation, any of the three work fine. :) -- what it's like to spend a summer in this amazing place and just what you could do here (it's a lot!).

Plus, did we mention you'll get to meet people from all over the nation and world, get experience in lots of different parts of the tourism industry, learn from a great management team and some AMAZING volunteers, and, for our student staff, have a chance to earn a scholarship at the end of it all. 

Check out this short vid about "Who we are"

Read on to start your #BestSummerEver...


Hello! My name is Joey! I'm a former employee of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, current student at the University of Colorado and the guy in the photo above.

At the request of TRMF's HR department, I'm here to tell you anything and everything when it comes to spending a summer in Medora.

If you already know that you want to work with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, you can see the available job openings here.

If you're thinking about it and want a little more info, read on.

What is TRMF...and what do they do?

As Theodore Roosevelt -- Medora's most famous former resident would say - BULLY QUESTION! Here's our answer.

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation is a 501 (c3) non-profit that provides entertainment, lodging, retail, and outdoor experiences for the traveling public. And when I say experiences, I mean EXPERIENCES!

(Why do we say "Bully!"? -- because it was Theodore Roosevelt's favorite way of saying "Wonderful!" "Awesome" or "That's great!" in today's vernacular.)

Paige (one of my front desk teammates) made great connections with our guests at the Rough Riders Hotel.


Would I like working there?

I asked myself that same question before I came out for my first summer.

So I talked to my sister -- who also spent time working in Medora.

She asked me - and I'll ask you:

-Do you think it would be fun to work with people from 20+ International countries and 46 states?
-To potentially take home a Scholarship
-Live in a town straight out of the Old West in an environment you'd see in National Geographic
-Spend free time photographing or hiking Theodore Roosevelt National Park or mountain biking the glorious Maah Daah Hey trail
-Golfing Bully Pulpit, a Top 100 Public Golf Course in America
- To connect people to Historic Medora for positive, life-changing, experiences.

And it didn't hurt that they have an incredible campus complete with cafeteria, lounge, gym, 3 music rooms, and a ton more!

What can I do?

I worked at the Bully Pulpit Golf Course. I had friends that Interned in the Marketing department and others who worked in foodservice.

We also got to work at the Medora Musical.

There are so many opportunities in Medora, take a quick look at some summer work opportunities with a catchy tune attached...


What do I get?

Not only do you get paid to work and learn in North Dakota's #1 Tourist Destination, and you also get to explore the beautiful Badlands.

You can check out Theodore Roosevelt National Park and see all of the wildlife that call the park home.

You are invited to experience a musical masterpiece every night of the season at the Medora Musical.

There is an opportunity to connect with top tourism experts and employees from all over the world!

We invite you to take in all of the history that Medora has to offer from our many museums to our walking tour around town, there is so much to learn!

The opportunities that you get out of your summer in Medora are as big or as small as you make them! After all, this hasn't been come to know at #BestSummerOfMyLife for no reason! Head over to our employee perks page to learn about the great deals we offer our employees!

That's it for me, Joey! You can see what Exploring in Medora is like on the Medora Employee Facebook Page. 

Learn more and hear from other workers below:
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-Read employee testimonials here
-See what the 2017 Marketing Intern's first day was like here

Ready to Head West for a summer of "working hard in work worth doing?"

See open positions here.  See internship opportunities here. See scholarship opportunities here. See international opportunities here


Why are we here?

Because Harold Schafer loved the legend and history of Theodore Roosevelt's time in Medora and for over 50 years now we've been working to preserve this place, present it to folks from around the world and serve the traveling public in the Badlands.


Harold had created an amazingly successful company that made products like Mr. Bubble bubble bath, and other nationally known household products. But he decided to devote much of his time, energy, and fortune to saving this tiny town where TR once lived. 

Theodore Roosevelt said that it was here, in Medora, that the "Romance of his life began," and that he "Never would have been President, if not for his time in Dakota." 

Harold Schafer felt very much the same way, that here in Medora, was where his soul was most full. Harold passed away in 2001.

But his legacy in the Badlands continues -- a legacy that gives you the chance, if you take it, to be inspired by the Badlands the way he and TR were, to connect to Medora for a positive, life-changing experience. 

In his own words, here's why Harold thought you'd love this place as much as he did...


(If you have 10 minutes, rewind the video and enjoy the whole thing!)


Well, what are you waiting for? Come work with us. Come explore with us. 

See open positions here.  See internship opportunities here. See scholarship opportunities here. See international opportunities here


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