About Meadowlark Beef

Their range covers 17,000 acres about 12 miles south of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and our private 3.

Their bulls are chosen for gentle character as well as pedigree, stature and yield potential and are allowed to roam freely among heifers as they come into estrus naturally. They believe this allows for a more natural social dynamic in the herd and increases resistance to stress. No antibiotics or hormones are used in raising cattle on the ranch.

They also reduce stress by only using horses for all herding, driving, and round-up of cattle. No ATVs or motorcycles are ever used for any purposes on the ranch.

Meadowlark Beef believes the serenity of the growth environment, as well as the quality of the food and natural society of fellow cows ultimately determines the best flavor of the meat.

The range their cows graze on is dominated by shortgrass prairie of buffalo grass, grama grass, little bluestem, western wheatgrass, needle-and-thread, June grass, and side-oats. This ancient prairie has roots reaching 6 to 10 feet into the soil and provides protein and other nutrients to the cows that shallow-rooted exotic grasses like fescue, bluegrass and orchard grass cannot supply.

It is this combination of quality of range, care of cattle, and serenity of environment that makes Meadowlark Beef premium among all others. Try it and you will see!

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14219 Tracy Mountain Road
Medora, ND

(701) 575-4914

Meadowlark Beef is a proud member of the Medora Chamber of Commerce and listed here in partnership with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation