Who is Sheila Schafer and why are we celebrating her Birthday? 


Great question! Because once you get to know Sheila, you'll understand Medora on a much deeper level.

So now that we've built her up, where do we start when telling Sheila's story? Well, if she were here, she'd pipe up, "How 'bout a story guys!"

So a story it is...

It's July 1, 1965 -- the opening night of the Medora Musical as we know it today.

Harold Schafer, the modern-father of Medora and creator of Mr. Bubble, is running around town -- probably entertaining some VIP's!

But his new wife, Sheila, is nowhere to be found! 

Where is she? 

Well, Harold and Sheila were very well off, it's no secret that you can make a lot of money when most of America bathes in your bubble bath.

And the only thing these two had more of than money was l-o-v-e love! They married 23 times in celebration of their union -- from the stage of the Medora Musical to the foot of the Matterhorn in Switzerland!

Given that, it's not outrageous to think that Sheila was off doing exactly what she wanted.

And what do you think Sheila -- the energetic and theatrical better-half of Mr. Bubble's creator -- wanted that day? Where exactly was she?!

She was on her hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floors of the Historic Rough Riders Hotel!

If your jaws on the floor, don't worry, a guest's was too when she asked Sheila if she knew Harold's wife and if she was in town. Sheila told her that Harold's new wife was a nasty women and NO! She hadn't seen her!

How would you react to that?!

As you're thinking, let's finish the story.

That night the Medora Musical cast does for the first time what they would do for the NEXT 50 PLUS YEARS! They thank Harold and Sheila for all they've done for them, Medora, and the state of North Dakota! Then the show begins.

As the sun sets on the Badlands and the cast continued the show, Sheila got a tap on her shoulder. The 'tapper' said, "You could of told me who you were!" "Oh darling, you wouldn't have believed me!"

This is one of the many reasons we celebrate Sheila's Birthday.

She and Harold not only gave their money to Medora, they gave their energy, talent and -- most importantly -- their time.

They could have been anywhere in the world -- and they often were, seeing as Harold was the real-life Forrest Gump -- but in the summer, they were in Medora! 

If you're still reading this, we hope to see you in Medora this summer.

If you have any questions on the fascinating life Sheila and Harold led, or need help planning your Medora vacation, contact our Annual Giving Director, Daniel Gannarelli at danielg@medora.com