Have your fingers crossed and your putter ready.

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PS: Don't just sit around the house and wait for the greens to thaw out -- get some practice in!


Here are 3 tips from PGA Professional, Casey Moen!

1. PUTTING, PUTTING, PUTTING – For most amateurs, more strokes are made on the putting green than anywhere else on the golf course. To make that up you gotta practice. Yep, that’s right, we’re talking practice!

And the best way to practice this winter is with a putting mat. A putting mat is a very inexpensive practice tool that can be used in your home or office — it’s perfect to help keep your stroke consistent.

And to be honest, most home carpet is sufficient enough for practice in this day in age, so keep your putter around the house and ‘roll the rock’ during those commercial breaks. But remember, always have a target!


2. SWING INSIDE THIS WINTER — I know, I know. I hear it all too often. “But Casey I was hitting the ball so well when I put the clubs away last fall.” The only answer is to keep swinging. You don’t even have to hit balls.

Practice your technique in a mirror in your bedroom or make some swings in the garage to keep the motion familiar. Also, visit your local recreation and wellness center. Williston, Dickinson, Bismarck, and Fargo all have indoor hitting bays or simulators – you can even play a round on most of them. And at as little as $5 an hour, simulators can be the perfect way to keep your game sharp.


3. STUDY THE GAME – As we all know, these winter days are all too short. What to do then when the sun goes down at 4 in the afternoon? Well, next time you’re at the grocery store, bookstore, etc. pick up some golf literature. Whether it be a golf magazine, a book, or even browsing articles on the internet — nothing beats watching the Golf Channel or the Medora ND YouTube Channel for tips.