Meet Our Artist


Kathy Monti

Kathy Monti (1960, Great Falls, Montana) is an artist who has spent 40 years working in a variety of media. In 2005, Monti discovered glass and became infatuated by the versatility of the medium as well as its’ distinctive properties of luminosity. Nature has been a consistent source of inspiration for Monti. By exploring the concept of landscape in a nostalgic and sketchy style, Monti evokes emotion in her audience of a more simple time and place while at the same time asking the viewer to further develop the composition.

Monti is determined to be a lifetime learner and continues to pursue further education in glass techniques. As her talents and skills have evolved, Monti has been led to the technique of Sgraffito. A finished piece of Sgraffito glass involves multiple firings of a painting that begins as a freehand sketch done with glass powder. Monti carefully manipulates the glass powder through the various stages using a variety of tools to produce beautiful, unique paintings.

Monti is grateful for the recognition her art has received and feels blessed to be able to share this God-given talent with you.

Work by Kathy


Find Kathy's Art in Medora

Throughout her residency, you can find her art showcased in the Harold Schafer Heritage Center from 10 am - 5 pm daily.

Join Kathy for her gallery showing July 7th from 3 pm - 5:30 pm MDT in the Harold Schafer Heritage Center.

Bridges Home 

Bridges Home is Tami and Dave Gunter - duel lead vocalists, multi-instrumentalists, and purveyors of tasty Americana, Folk, Celtic, Roots, and Originals.

Their music features intricately woven vocal harmonies, accompanied by an array of different instruments. In performance, Bridges Home delivers a broad mix of musical styles, from high-energy foot-stompers to hauntingly beautiful ballads, originals with compelling backstories and finely crafted instrumental duets.

Find Bridges Home

Bridges Home can be found playing downtown at the Andrist Stage and Townsquare Showhall as well as at the Burning Hills Amphitheatre before the Medora Musical the week of July 2- July 6.