Harold comes back to life in the town he saved!

Created by and starring, Tom Milligan, Wonderful WORK is a living history must see! 

Wonderful WORK traces the momentous life of the charismatic North Dakota businessman - from humble beginnings and the heart-breaking setbacks, to the rocketing success of Harold's Gold Seal Company, Mr. Bubble, and of course, his love for Medora.

Experience the unexpected trials and tribulations of devoting yourself and your 40-million-dollar fortune to restoring a quaint cowtown and amphitheatre, that today has entertained millions. 

Important. Informative. And truly inspiring! Wonderful WORK is a new, can't miss-show!


Wonderful WORK is FREE to all and is generously supported by the North Dakota Humanities Council.


Old Town Hall Theater seating chart.

Proudly supported by the North Dakota Humanities Council and Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.