Live, Laugh, Love, The Bill Sorensen Show, Coming to the Old Town Hall Theater!

Magician, comedian, and entertainer Bill Sorensen is returning to where it really started for him, the Sorensen stage at the Old Town Hall Theater this summer!

Bill will be back on stage wowing your family with tricks that will keep you on your toes and jokes that will have your belly hurting!



Starting at $15.00 + taxes and fees

Students - 7 to 17

Starting at $7.00 + taxes

Kids 6 and under



Ticketing Information
For 2020, all ticketing deals, options, and pricing is available to book online. We expect a high volume of calls, so we encourage you to buy your tickets (and make hotel reservations) using the fastest, and easiest way, exclusively online. Plus, no waiting on hold!

There are many ticket resellers and secondary markets for tickets. For the best seats and to eliminate the risk of fraud, get tickets through or any location in Medora where tickets are sold. Purchasing tickets from any other seller runs a high risk of receiving fraudulent tickets.

Cyber Monday Voucher Update
If you purchased vouchers during our Cyber Monday event we will be honoring the vouchers through the entire 2020 season. If you would like to be refunded for your Cyber Monday purchase, the request can easily be made here.

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