Catch a ride from three different cities to see the 2017 Medora Musical!

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Ranger Programs

June 25 - September 4, 2017

While you're here in Medora, the Rangers at TR National Park want to help you discover as much as you possibly can about the Park and the wildlife that call it home.


To do this they have lined up a plethora of actives every week!


Throughout the week, there are multiple different guided hikes planned, ranging anywhere between 0.2 miles to 5.0 miles, to help you experience the Park through the eyes of someone who spends every day there.


Every evening there is a different program held by the rangers at the Cottonwood Amphitheater on a multitude of topics to teach visitors about the wildlife and history of the park.


Additionally, there are other special programs held in different locations throughout the week to allow everyone a chance to participate in getting to know North Dakota’s very own National Park.


You won’t want to miss these special opportunities to learn and explore more of Theodore Roosevelt National Park than you ever could on your own!


Check out the schedule below!