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Artist in Residence - Jane Waggoner Deschner

July 31 - August 14, 2017

Calling all art enthusiasts!

If you're a lover of the arts, no trip to Medora will be complete until you have made a stop by the Von Hoffman House to visit with, and view the work of, Medora's very own Artist in Residence.

Medora's Artists in Residence only reside in our town for a little while, but while they are here, they make a big impact on the art community as they make strides in their own work and in inspiring the aspiring artists that go through Medora. 

Medora's current Artist in Residence is Jane Waggoner Deschner


Jane Deschner


Jane grew up in Lawrence, Kansas, moving to Montana in 1977. She earned degrees in geography at the University of Kansas and, later, in art at Montana State University–Billings (BA) and Vermont College of Fine Arts (MFA).


Exhibiting widely, she is represented by galleries in Kansas City, Missouri, and Whitefish, Montana. Her next solo exhibition is scheduled at the University of Michigan–Dearborn in fall, 2018.


She has been awarded numerous residencies/fellowships from coast-to-coast (New York City to Summer Lake, Oregon) and border-to border (Banff, Alberta, Canada, to Santa Fe, New Mexico). Her work in in collections across the US and in South Korea. In conjunction with being an artist, she works as an exhibition installer, graphic designer, photographer, instructor, curator and picture framer.


About her artwork, she writes, “Since 2001, my medium has been vintage vernacular photographs (primarily other people’s old family photos, but also news photos, movie stills). Family photographs are taken out of love and to make memories. When I collaborate with another’s photo, I tease out a common humanity not confined by time, place or circumstance.


“Initially I altered and modified photos in Photoshop. In 2007 I began hand-embroidering quotes from famous people into images of everyday folks. A project I’ve been working on since fall 2015 is ‘Remember me: a collective narrative in found words and photographs.’ Instead of thoughts from famous people, ‘Remember me’ quotes are excerpted from family/friend-written obituaries. The goal of this project is to demonstrate how we are more alike than we are different.


“There is a richness in vernacular photos whether or not we know the person, place or time. By asking viewers to look carefully — to react to quotations, decipher symbols and signs, and/or puzzle out juxtapositions — I renew and transform their experience of looking at old photographs. By engaging them with other people’s family photos, I alter the way they see their own. They come to realize, as I did, how universal this form of expression is — and how precious.”



July 31 – August 14, Jane will be at the Von Hoffman House from 12 - 5pm visiting with guests and working on her art.


Stop by, say hi, and get a sneak peek of her work!


Plus, on Saturday August 5, head on over to the Von Hoffman House between 5 - 7pm for Jane's personal Art Exhibition. There is nothing better than an evening spent browsing great art and sipping good wine at an Art Gallery!




Check out some of her pieces below!

















  • 12-5pm