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The Great American Folk Show with Tom Brosseau

August 27 - September 5, 2017

If you enjoy American Folk Musicor really music of any kindyou won't want to miss The Great American Folk Show with Tom Brosseau coming to Medora's newly remodeled Old Town Hall Theater, August 27 to September 5 at 1:30pm!

The Great American Folk Show with Tom Brosseau will feature singer-songwriter Tom Brosseau with special guests Gregory Page and Misti Koop.

Listen to Tom below! 


Tickets are just $15!





Tom Brosseau is a Grand Forks, North Dakota native who feels an especially deep connection to the home of his childhood. Brosseau learned to play acoustic guitar through the teaching of his grandmother, Lillian Uglem. He says, "I grew up with music in the church, in the school, music at home. I learned a lot of hymnal and folk songs, both traditional and contemporary, and since I was influenced by what my grandparents listened to, in a sense I studied the singers and songwriters of the great American songbook.” 

This influence no doubt is what has propelled Tom so far in his career, having produced two albums and being set to release his third. 

Brosseau will perform a one-mic variety show with the help of his friend Gregory Page, an Irish/American musician who is known for his genre-bending ability, and Misti Koop, a member of the Medora Musical's Burning Hills Singers! 

The program leans towards songs that either people know, or didn't know they knew, like “I Can’t Tell Why I Love You" and “Hobo Jack The Rounder”, and also hit upon regional folk songs, such as “Red River Valley” and “Don’t Fence Me In". The audience will likely feel the urge to sing along - and they are encouraged to do so. Original monologues, a bit of comedy, and special guests who will no doubt bring their own brand of magic and flare to the program. This is an American show. But also a North Dakota show.

Together these different musicians are sure to create a can't-miss musical experience for audiences of all ages!

Check out the videos below and then get your tickets to see Tom Brosseau!