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Volunteer Application Form

Thanks for stopping. The 2017 Volunteer Applicatoin period has closed. 

Now we're full-steam getting ready for this summer's travel and volunteer season! 

The 2018 Volunteer application period will again open approximately this upcoming November through mid-January.



Welcome to the TRMF Volunteer Application Form. 


In the interest of efficiency (and saving paper, Theodore Roosevelt would have liked that!), we’ve moved to a digital application process.


All you have to do is input your information in the fields below, then hit “submit” at the bottom.


You’ll get an email confirmation when you submit, and our Volunteer Team will be notified of your application submission right away.   IF you do not get an email right away, your application was not correctly submitted.  Please try again or contact our office. Remember, all fields MUST be completed.


Then we'll follow up with you from there.


We are asked many times, “With so many applicants, how do you make selections?” (see At a Glance here to view checklist) 



Prefer a printed form?  

No printed applications will be accepted until AFTER November 15, 2017

No problem. Just click here to open a printable application form, then mail it to us at the address below.  No applications will be accepted until AFTER November 15, 2017.  Please DO NOT send until after that date as we are updating forms.  Thank you.
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU WRITE YOUR PREFERED DATES ON THE FORM and complete all the spaces.  We don't mind getting printed applications, but they do take a little longer to process, so the fastest way for you to apply is to fill out the digitial form below. If you need help, perhaps a friend or relative can help you out.
Mail Printed Forms To:
Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation
Attn: Volunteer Program
PO Box 1696
Bismarck, ND 58503



Thanks for stopping. Volunteer Applications will open for the 2018 season in November.